“Impossify” Your Park Beyond with Xbox Series X|S on June 16

Hello, Visioners!

I’m happy to share some facts about what’s sure to become your favorite park management game of all time! Park Beyond is coming to Xbox Series X|S on June 16, 2023 and is now available for pre-order on the Xbox Store. From the beginning, we’ve been developing the game on console to give you the best experience. The entire UI and all our features have been custom designed for the Xbox version to provide an optimized gaming experience.

In Park Beyond, we give you the opportunity to build the park of your dreams. You can do this in our unique campaign guided by our loveable written characters or jump right into our sandbox mode.

Of course, we also have a deep management system with different layers, depending on how deep you would like to dive into this world of numbers but…

What makes Park Beyond special are the “Impossifications” – over the top versions of theme park feature that let you go beyond the humdrum and ordinary. And you can use these with so many features, it’ll make your head swim! You may have already seen how our normal Ferris wheel becomes a colossus with eleven wheels instead of just one. Or the Crazy Kraken is transformed from an (already awesome) whirling animatronic ride into a colossal, living, breathing octopus that throws guests through the air.

Park Beyond Screenshot

For purists, it is possible to stay within the limits of what is physically possible and enjoy all aspects of the game. But if reality is just too restrictive, there’s very little you can’t Impossify, even the deepest levels of our park management systems!

A janitor with a broom is a bit too dull? No problem! Give him a flamethrower and any garbage guests leave behind is incinerated on the spot. Your mechanics are only carrying around normal, boring equipment? No problem! See what a few extra exo arms can do.

You can also Impossify any beverage or grocery store in Park Beyond, increasing the fun factor for visitors. You’ll gasp in delight along with your guests the first time you see what happens to a simple kebab store or a coffee shop.

Park Beyond Screenshot

Our story is also Impossified. How is that possible, you ask? We’ve crafted a hearty selections of story missions for you to play through. Additionally, in our extensive campaign you will have different choices before each mission to drag you deeper into the story and increase the replayability. Our unique characters will take you by the hand and teach you all aspects of the game. Even simple tutorials are always connected with fun and entertaining dialogs or cutscenes.

You want infinite possibilities? The sandbox mode is the perfect place for that. You can use all the features we mentioned in the sandbox mode and combine them to design the park of your dreams. Just let your modular roller coasters whiz past your Impossified rides and then rush them right through one of your modular buildings and shoot your coaster through a cannon into a mountain, you created with terraforming.

And believe me when I say that is just the beginning…

Park Beyond Screenshot

Finally, you may wish to share your awesome creations with your friends. We’re all show-offs sometimes, aren’t we? Especially when we have spent hours or even days with the wildest creations and parks. I have very good news for you. We wanted to make sure you could share your creations with the world, and we are so excited to see what you come up with. We’ll give you the opportunity to share your content on Xbox Series X|S.

If all this sounds great and you can’t wait for the release anymore, then you won’t have to wait much longer. Park Beyond will be coming to Xbox Series X|S on June 16, 2023 and you can already pre-order it now on the Xbox Store.

Everyone who pre-orders the game gets the Park Beyond: Pac-Man Impossification Set to bring some classic arcade flavor to their creations!

We can’t wait to see what the park of your dreams will look like, but right now you’ll have to excuse me, it’s my turn to board the Fireball Express Screammaker 8000, so I’ll see you in the park!

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