New Destiny 2 Content Will Still Feature Lance Reddick as Zavala

Bungie dedicated a segment of its Destiny 2 “This Week At Bungie” update to address the tragic news of Lance Reddick’s death. Reddick, who played one of the main quest givers Commander Zavala, passed away recently at the age of 60. Happily, his voice work will still be featured in new Destiny 2 content, at least for a short while.

Lance Reddick will return as Commander Zavala in Destiny 2

Bungie wrote that the team “will honor his presence through his performances yet to come in the game, and in the memories that will last us a lifetime.”

Destiny 2 players can therefore expect to hear more from Reddick in new Destiny 2 content. It’s not yet clear just how much of his work remains to be heard, but I’m sure fans will be looking forward to hearing him again.

With Destiny 2 being chock-full of references and Easter eggs, fans have been asking for an in-game tribute to acknowledge the death and legacy of Reddick. This highly upvoted Reddit post floats the idea of adding an exotic glaive called “Reddick’s Lance,” based on the one Zavala uses.

Reddick’s passing has led to statements posted by both Destiny 2 and Horizon Forbidden West developers, and his wife has thanked fans for their special tribute.

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