Rust – How to Use a Chainsaw

The chainsaw is a relatively special tree-harvesting tool in Rust that can cause a lot of damage to players that come too close.

If you ever got your hands on a chainsaw, which is usually very hard to find in the open, you probably tried to use it and failed completely.

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That is understandable, as the chainsaw is kinda complicated to use in Rust for some reason. Since there is nothing better in the game to help you learn how to use this tool, we will guide you through it.

To use a chainsaw in Rust, you will first need to put low grade fuel in it, right-click to rev the chainsaw until the blades start slowly spinning, and then you can left-click to use it.

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How to Get a Chainsaw in Rust

There is a really low chance to find a chainsaw in Rust by looting locked crates, treasure boxes, and supply drops. However, if you really want to get one, these methods are unreliable.

Your best bet would be crafting one or buying one. You can buy a chainsaw at the Tools & Stuff vending machine in the Outpost for just 125 scrap.

After you’ve researched it and gotten yourself a level 2 workbench, you can start crafting chainsaws to cut down trees and annoying players.

Players will only need 5 high quality metal, 2 gears, and 6 metal blades. You can easily get all this stuff by just looting barrels and crates along the road. You can get the HQM by recycling some of the stuff you loot on the way that is useless.

How to Put Fuel Inside Chainsaw in Rust

To use a chainsaw in Rust, you will need low grade fuel. However, if you have used lanterns and other stuff that uses fuel, you might know that, normally, you would just drag the fuel over the tool.

However, that doesn’t work with the chainsaw. To put fuel inside the chainsaw in Rust, you just need to equip the chainsaw and reload it (press R).

Your character will put in the fuel as they would bullets in a gun. You can only hold 50 low grade fuel at a time inside the chainsaw.

How to Use a Chainsaw in Rust

Now that you have fuel inside the chainsaw, all you need to do to use it in Rust is start it. Press the right mouse button a few times until the chainsaw starts shaking and the blades start to move slowly.

Once that happens, press and hold the left mouse button to use it. To stop it from working and making noise, just press the right mouse button again.

The chainsaw is one of the best tools for harvesting trees in Rust, as the sweet spot doesn’t matter. You can hit the tree in any spot and you will quickly get a lot of wood with minimal effort.

However, the chainsaw uses a lot of low grade fuel, so it can be a waste of resources for someone in the early to middle game. Only use this tool if you have an abundance of fuel.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use a chainsaw in Rust!

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