Does It Matter What You Inscribe Into the Wood in the Rite of Passage?

The gripping narrative of Diablo 4 already has players wondering what could have been if different choices had been made. In part 4 of the first act in the newest game in the franchise, players are faced with a choice. Before they follow Lorath into the city of Kyovashad, they must inscribe the sin they are most troubled with and cast it into the fire. This ritual will cleanse them of sin and allow them into the city. When I was playing, I never saw an option for eating 4 cheeseburgers in one sitting, so I too was in a dilemma. Does it matter what I inscribe on the wood for the Rites of Passage in Diablo 4, or can I just put anything on there?

What to inscribe on the wood in the Rite of Passage

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you approach the cedar wood tablets and take one, you will be prompted with only a few options. They are as follows:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Pride
  • Greed
  • Nothing but scribbles

Once you choose one, cast it into the fire and become purged of your most shameful sin. I guess I should have opted for greed.

Does it matter what you inscribe?

It doesn’t make a bit of difference what you decide to inscribe on the wood in the Diablo 4 Rite of Passage. Either way, you will be permitted into the gates of Kyovashad and can continue on with your quest. Throwing the piece of cedar into the fire awards no gold or respite. You can inscribe what you like on the wood in the Rite of Passage in Diablo 4.

The main purpose of this little addition is for world-building and becoming more involved with the role-play element of the game. Therefore, a brief moment to think about your character, how they behave, and their backstory always adds a little more substance to a game.

Perhaps, once the final game is released, these choices will have an impact later in the storyline. A blase scribble may end up resulting in some rather unpleasant consequences.


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