How to Gold the Vibro-Crystal Verification Event in Genshin Impact

Vibro-Crystal Verification is the ‘rerun’ of the last similar event in Genshin Impact. According to the story, Patrice’s, the researcher who first experimented on the topic, had his research ruled unrepeatable and fraudulent. Therefore, they sent another researcher to verify his findings, thus justifying the repeat event.

Overview and Basics

This event works just like the last one; you pair a ‘Transmitter Crystal’ with a ‘Receiver Crystal’ to earn buffs and get a higher score in the battle trial. Transmitters are like triggers, where the effects of the Receivers will activate when you fulfill the conditions of the former. The triggers can only connect to one of the buff effects. However, the latter can link with more than one of the Transmitters. You can even have all three resonate with one Receiver Crystal.

If you do that, the resulting buff gets more potent. Also, triggering these effects in succession will grant a general Crit DMG buff during the battle trial. The more you harmonize, the better your score.

In each round, there are four trial characters you can use. It’s up to you whether you want to use them or not. Depending on how you build yours, they might be weaker, so you’re better off using who is on your roster. That is if you own the character. Otherwise, you can use these characters you might not have.

Defeat the enemies with your chosen teams (2 groups of four), and get the highest score possible! The point limits for each emblem are:

  • Bronze: 500
  • Silver: 1,000
  • Gold: 2,000
  • Platinum: ~5,000

Before choosing a level, you can change the fight’s difficulty. This changes the multipliers you get, increasing the points you can earn in battle. The hardest is ‘Extreme’ with a 4x multiplier.

Trial Characters

They help you fill in gaps in your party roster and double as a different trial run. The ones available when their banners are active have fixed party members. Here, you can try them out with different combinations. They also match with the Ley Line Disorders for each level.

Vibro-Crystal Verification Levels

Transmitters can be triggered every 3 seconds, and Receiver effects last for 20 seconds.

Heat Deflection

Trial Characters: Yoimiya, Hu Tao, Yun Jin, Xingqiu

Ley Line Disorder: Triggering a Vaporize reaction on the enemy will result in a shockwave at the target’s position, dealing AoE damage. Effects can be triggered every 4s.

In the first half, you’ll be fighting fungi and Hydro Mimics. The ‘bosses’ that yield higher points are the Hydro Boar Mimic and the Geovishap. In the second half, Mitachurls and Ruin Automations will besiege your characters. The elites are Cryo Abyss Mages and Ruin Guards.

Transmitter Crystals:

  • Vaporizing Transmitter: Effects trigger upon causing a Vaporize reaction
  • Incinerating Transmitter: Effect trigger when dealing Pyro DMG through Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks, as well as Elemental Skills and Bursts.
  • Skill Transmitter: Effect trigger after using an Elemental Skill

Receiver Crystals:

  • Blazing Reciever: Increases Pyro DMG by 32/48/56%
  • Stoutstrike Receiver: Charged Attack DMG increases by 32/48/56%
  • Mighty Receiver: Provides a 32/48/56% ATK boost

Level Specific Tips

Hydro and Pyro characters will shine in this level. You’d want to keep doing Vaporize reactions throughout the battle, which is why Xingqiu and Yelan are necessary. Ayato, Mona, and Kokomi are also good alternatives. Candace is tricky but useful, and Nilou works best in a Bloom team, so she’s not recommended. Childe works best in the second phase with someone like Thoma, Xinyan, or Xiangling.

As for the Pyro side, the trial picks Yoimiya and Hu Tao are solid choices. Diluc and Klee/Yanfei can also work for constant Pyro infusions or applications. Bennett is excellent for attack boosts and healing. Dehya has too long a delay for her E to be functional, and her Q doesn’t work with Xingqiu’s or Yelan’s Burst. You’ll need something like Ayato’s Burst or Kokomi’s jellyfish to consistently get Vapes from her ult.

Plus, putting two Pyro characters provides an ATK boost from resonance. Hydro resonance works for HP healers like Kokomi and Barbara. Still, it’s only necessary if you use Hu Tao or Yelan. You can fill a slot with an Anemo character like Kazuha to spread more Pyro/Hydro and provide RES shred with Viridescent Venerer.

Wind Redirection

Trial Characters: Wanderer, Kaedehara Kazuha, Sucrose, Faruzan

Ley Line Disorder: Triggering a Swirl reaction will increase the Crit Rate of Anemo users by 35% for 6s.

The first half is filled with Electro and Pyro Hilichurls, accompanied by Slimes of those elements. The elites are axe-wielding Mitachurls that use those two elements as well. In the second half, you fight Eremites (Galehunter and Clearwater) as elites, accompanied by Treasure Hoarders and other Eremites.

Transmitter Crystals

  • Windsong Transmitter: Triggers when characters deal Anemo DMG
  • Swirl Transmitter: Triggers upon creating a Swirl reaction
  • Skill Transmitter: Triggers when using an Elemental Skill

Receiver Crystals

  • Vortex Receiver: Increases Anemo DMG by 32/48/56%
  • Impact Receiver: Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack’s Crit DMG is increased by 50/75/87.5%
  • Mighty Receiver: +32/48/56% ATK

Level Specific Tips

This is where the Anemo boys will be most helpful, specifically Xiao, Wanderer, Heizou, Venti, and Kazuha. While a completely Anemo party seems like a good idea, the point is to utilize Swirl reactions. Thus, you need to put other Swirl-able elements in.

If you’re using Wanderer, Pyro and Cryo will be good. These will boost his ATK and Crit Rate due to his passive. For the others, any except Geo and Dendro is okay if they can apply the aura consistently. Faruzan’s Anemo RES and buff are essential, only matched by a rare C4 Jean.

Sucrose is a good enough alternative for Kazuha or Venti for crowd control, which is helpful in the second phase. The first has Mitachurls, which don’t get sucked in, which makes Kazuha a good choice in the first round and Venti for the second.

Warmth Observation

Trial Characters: Dehya, Raiden Shogun, Yaoyao, Xingqiu

Ley Line Disorder: Creating a Pyro-related reaction (Vaporize, Overloaded, Burning, Burgeon, Pyro Swirl) will reduce all enemies’ Elemental RES by 60% for 6 seconds.

The enemies you’ll encounter in the first half are Hydro Mimics and Hilichurls, with the occasional Hydro Slime. Elites are Electro Axe-Wielding Mitachurls and the Hydro Mimic Boars. In the second half, you’ll fight Ruin Guards and Ruin Graders with Ruin Drake (both kinds) elites.

Transmitter Crystals

  • Damage Transmitter: Triggers when a character takes DMG
  • Flamesong Transmitter: Triggers after causing a Pyro-related reaction
  • Entry Transmitter: Triggers when switching characters

Receiver Crystals

  • Elemental Receiver: Elemental DMG is increased by 32/48/56%
  • Burst Receiver: Elemental Burst DMG is increased by 32/48/56%
  • Precision Receiver: Crit Rate increases by 25/37.5/43.75%

Level Specific Tips

Pick and focus on one reaction per team and choose characters that way. Dendro-related ones are excellent because with Hyro+Pyro+Dendro, you get Burning, Burgeon, and Vaporize. That’s 3 out of 5 Pyro-related reactions, which makes triggering any connected buff and shred a cinch. Adding an Anemo character can raise that to 4, but it’s 50/50 whether you Swirl Hydro or Pyro, especially when fighting mimics.

Dehya is still problematic, though you can still use her. Nahida is a solid pick, being an off-field DPS and support. Otherwise, you can do Vaporize or Overloaded teams. It’s up to you.

Energy Vitalization

Trial Characters: Cyno, Nahida, Kuki Shinobu, Xingqiu

Ley Line Disorder: A character creating the Quicken reaction will deal 50% more Elemental DMG for 6s.

You’ll fight Eremites and Treasure Hoarders in the first half, with the elites being the Eremite Daythunder and Treasure Hoarder: Crusher. The second phase consists of Primal Constructs and Pyro Axe Mitachurls. Elites there are Geovishaps and Ruin Guards.

Transmitter Crystals

  • Energized Transmitter: Triggers when creating an Aggravate or Hyperbloom reaction
  • Elemental Transmitter: Triggers when dealing Elemental DMG
  • Impact Transmitter: Triggers after dealing Normal Attack DMG

Receiver Crystals

  • Resounding Receiver: Electro DMG increases by 32/48/56%
  • Sensing Receiver: +60/90/120 Elemental Mastery
  • Abundance Receiver: +3/4.5/5.75 Energy per second

Level Specific Tips

You can choose between a Dendro or Electro DPS and build around them. A team with Alhaitham, a Dendro support, Raiden Shogun, and an Electro healer is an option. However, you must choose Alhaitham or the Shogun as your main DPS and maximize your buffs. If going for the former, stack more Transmitters on EM. For the latter, it’s Electro DMG bonus.

There’s a lot of flexibility in that 2-Dendro, 2-Electro team, but the main point is to focus on boosting your chosen on-field DPS.

Adding a Hydro character is optional. It can mess up your reactions by going for Electro-Charged instead of Quicken/Aggravate/Spread or Hyperbloom. However, it depends on your chosen characters and battle strategy.

Freezing Conduction

Trial Characters: TBA

Ley Line Disorder: Frozen enemies have -60% DEF. The debuff remains for 3s after being thawed out.

The first half consists of Hydro Mimics, Hilichurls, and Hydro Slimes. Elite enemies are Hydro Abyss Mages and the Hydro Mimic Boar. The second half has Treasure Hoarders and Eremites, with the elite enemies being the Fatui Electrohammer Vanguard and Eremite Sunfrost.

Transmitter Crystals (TBA)

Receiver Crystals (TBA)

Level Specific Tips

Cryo and Hydro characters will be the key. If you have some team compositions that can consistently freeze enemies, use that. Rosaria, Diona, Shenhe, and Ganyu are excellent AoE Cryo users. Ayaka is better than Eula if you want to keep enemies Frozen. Eula can break the reaction with her greatsword, which might differ from your strategy.

Kokomi, Ayato, Mona, Xingqiu, and Yelan are your Hydro appliers. Childe can also work if you have a consistent Cryo applier that works for him.

Controlled Conversion

Trial Characters: TBA

Ley Line Disorder: Quicken reactions decrease all of the target’s Elemental RES by 60% for 6s

Enemies in the first half are Slimes (Electro and Hydro), Hilichurls, and Ruin Automatons. Elite enemies are Ruin Guards and Electro Axe Mitachurls. In the second half, Eremites and Ruin Graders will attack. The enemies that yield more points are the Ruin Drake: Earthguard and the Galehunter.

Transmitter Crystals (TBA)

Receiver Crystals (TBA)

Level Specific Tips

Like the other level with a Quicken reaction Ley Line Disorder (Energy Vitalization), you can take advantage of a 2-Dendro, 2-Electro team. Due to resonance, you get a boost in EM, and all the reactions mean you get extra energy. You can still use other combinations if you don’t have other options.

General Tips

Ensure your chosen team can trigger the buffs and Ley Line Disorders consistently. Do so to avoid missing out on much potential damage, which means more points are earned.

You don’t always have to use the Trial Characters. If you have better alternatives, use them. You’ll always be more comfortable with the characters you have and use often. That means you know how to play them more effectively, resulting in a higher score.

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