Jack-8 blasts his away into Tekken 8 in a new trailer

This morning, Bandai Namco has continued its steady stream of Tekken 8 character showcases with a new trailer for Jack-8. Although Jack serves as a staple of the Tekken series, players don’t control the same Jack in each game. Instead, each installment technically has players controlling a different Jack robot, usually with a number at the end of his name corresponding to the entry he appears in. Naturally, with the upcoming release of Tekken 8 comes Jack-8, easily the most tricked-out model yet.

Jack-8 immediately stands out from the previous Jack models thanks to his distinct visual design. For much of the Tekken series, the Jack robots have mostly stuck with the same visual design, featuring his trademark blonde mohawk, military tank top, and camo pants. Jack-7’s “Player 1” design merely shifted some of the colors around, but Jack-8’s new look goes for something else entirely. This time, he adopts a much more cybernetic look, boasting bulkier metallic parts as well as a new visor. Even his mohawk is made completely out of metal now. In some ways, this more outwardly robotic design harkens back to that of Gun Jack, Tekken 3’s playable Jack model.

New model, new tricks

When it comes to Jack-8’s gameplay, it retains many of the same heavy-hitting moves that fans of the Jacks have grown familiar with. Having said that, Jack-8 does have some new weapons thrown into the mix, such as an electric force field and a missile-esque projectile. Additionally, Jack-8 sports one of the cooler Rage Arts revealed so far, which sees him blasting his opponent with an enormous rail gun.

Now that this latest Tekken 8 trailer has dropped, we officially have one for eight of the nine characters confirmed to be in the game so far. All we have left is Jun Kazama, a character that longtime fans will definitely be excited to see more of.


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