Resident Evil 4 remake: Guides and features hub

Resident Evil 4 remake is another hit recreation by Capcom of their legendary video game horror series. In this remake based on the 2005 classic, you play as Leon S. Kennedy tasked with rescuing the President’s daughter. Swarmed with fast-paced action, terrifying horror sequences and intriguing puzzles, Resident Evil 4 remake has a lot to offer. If you’re a bit lost during your first playthrough, here is our hub for Resident Evil 4 remake’s guides and features.
Resident Evil 4 remake guides and features hub
Review and Features

Resident Evil 4 remake review: Should you play this game?
PC requirements: How good does your PC need to be to run this game?


Can you rescue the dog: Is the dog stuck in the bear trap in the remake?

Puzzle guides

Four swords puzzle: How to solve the puzzle with the four swords
Cog mill puzzle: Where to find the cog for the village mill?

Request guides

Egg Hunt: How to find the Gold Chicken Egg
The Disgrace of the Salazar Family: Wher…
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