CleverTap’s new platform aims to boost live ops revenue and more

All-in-one customer engagement platform CleverTap has announced CleverTap Gaming at GDC 2023, due for launch in the summer. The new platform aims to help boost revenue from live ops, lifecycle marketing, and remote configuration for mobile games with personalisation across the player journey. The system is powered by TesseractDB, CleverTap’s proprietary data engine.

CleverTap Gaming brings sophisticated multi-channel campaigns inside and outside the in-game experience, while the company hopes the simplified user interface will reduce the dependence on technical teams and increase operational efficiency.

Alongside live ops and marketing capabilities, CleverTap Gaming offers the ability to integrate with existing backend solutions to lower the transition barrier for gaming studios with other solutions.

The importance of engagement

“Modern gaming is evolving. They are no longer static endpoints – and with features like LiveOps and Remote Configuration, developers are empowered to make changes in real time without the constraints of approvals and a relaunch.” said MobilityWare principal product manager Lawrence Hsieh. “CleverTap Gaming gives us an all-in-one cost effective solution that ensures consistency and efficiency while not only developing, but also promoting an update.”

“With over 2.6 billion mobile game players globally, it is only a matter of time before the growth trajectory flattens out and retention becomes a bigger area of focus.” said CleverTap co-founder and executive chairman Sunil Thomas. “We hope that CleverTap Gaming can accompany those studios looking to stay ahead of the curve by maximising their pre-existing user base via personalised and relevant messaging.

“When we acquired Leanplum last year, we looked to strengthen our footprint within various verticals and geographies. CleverTap Gaming is another step in this direction, and we are confident that it will further accelerate our growth journey.”

Earlier this month we spoke to Yeshas Nakshathri, head of partnerships at CleverTap subsidiary Leanplum, as part of our podcast.


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