Resident Evil 4 Remake PSVR Mode Has Just Started Development

Capcom has confirmed the Resident Evil 4 Remake PSVR mode has just started development as a free DLC. While it was always known the mode would not be available on the game’s launch today, it seems like players will still be waiting quite a while for its release.

Can the Resident Evil 4 Remake campaign be played in PSVR mode?

Few details are known about the Resident Evil 4 Remake VR mode that will be added via a free update. Capcom has already set a precedent bearing in mind Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was fully compatible with PSVR from the start, and Resident Evil: Village has received a PSVR 2 update that allows the entire game to be played on the headset. As such, players will be hoping they can play through the Resident Evil 4 campaign rather than it being a standalone game mode.

The release date for the VR mode is unknown but is likely to be quite far away seeing as development has only just begun. The good news is that the promised Mercenaries mode will be released next month and the free update may well also include fixes for the flickering lights issue some PS5 players are facing.

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