Rust – How Many Rockets to Destroy Walls: Wood, Stone, and Sheet Metal

The only way players can enjoy raiding in Rust is if they have all the right weapons. You can’t bring down an armored base with grenades, can you?

Rockets are the best raiding tool in Rust, as they deal the highest amount of damage to structures after timed explosive charges. However, their long range and splash damage make them superior to the c4.

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Since rockets are expensive to make and you can’t grow them on trees, you will need to know how many you should carry in a raid.

So, here is how many rockets you will need to destroy wood, stone, and sheet metal walls in Rust.

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How Many Rockets to Destroy Wood Walls in Rust

Wooden walls are the first type of decent walls players will get in Rust. Unfortunately, they are a huge waste of time, as they can be brought down in seconds.

A wooden wall in Rust has 250 HP. That might sound like a lot if it wasn’t made out of wood. A single rocket will deal 247 damage to a wooden wall.

This means that you would need 2 rockets to fully destroy a wood wall in Rust. However, you should never do that since the wall will only have 3 HP after one rocket. Just poke it with any weapon you have a few times, and it will fall over.

To make the single rocket that you need to destroy the wood wall in Rust, you will need 1.4k sulfur.

How Many Rockets to Destroy Stone Walls in Rust

Stone walls are much more resistant than the previous walls, but they can still be easily destroyed with rockets.

A stone wall in Rust has 500 HP. A single rocket will deal a stone wall around 137 damage.

You will need 4 rockets to destroy a stone wall in Rust. Even after 3 rockets, the wall will still have around 88 HP, which is a lot if you don’t have other explosives on you.

To craft the 4 rockets that you will need to destroy a single stone wall in Rust, you will have to farm 5.6k sulfur.

Sheet metal walls are the second-best thing a player can get to defend their base. These metal sheets will protect anyone from a lot of rockets.

A sheet metal wall in Rust has 1000 HP. You would expect this wall to be more resistant to rockets since it’s made out of metal, but it takes the same amount of damage as the stone wall. A rocket will deal around 137 damage.

This means that you will need 8 rockets to completely destroy a sheet metal door in Rust. However, with only 7 rockets, the door will be left with around 40 HP. If you don’t want to waste resources, you can finish the destruction with a satchel charge.

Unfortunately, sheet metal walls are extremely resistant to other weapons and tools. If you have a jackhammer, you can use that as well to finish the job after the 7 rockets, but it will take a while.

To craft the 8 rockets that you will need to destroy a single sheet metal wall in Rust, you will have to farm 11.2k sulfur.

That’s everything you need to know about how many rockets you need to destroy wood, stone, and sheet metal walls in Rust!

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