What do charms do in Resident Evil 4 remake?

The Resident Evil remakes have been a success, and Resident Evil 4’s remake looks to be continuing that trend. Resident Evil 4 remake seems to be changing things around just enough that old players are happy, and new players can also enjoy the ride. One of the new additions to Resident Evil 4 is the charms system. You can earn charms by doing challenges at the Shooting Gallery, making the Shooting Gallery more than just a fun mini-game. This does beg the question of how the new system works, such as the question: what do charms do in Resident Evil 4 remake? Well, if you’re wondering that very same question, here’s the guide for you.

What do charms do in Resident Evil 4 remake?

Getting to grips with charms in Resident Evil 4 remake can seem like a daunting affair at first, but honestly, once you know how they work, it’s all about getting the right ones. Charms allow you to boost certain stats, chances, and other things like lowering the price of certain things, or even increasing the resale value of ammo. They’re essentially little keyrings you can attach to your attaché case for extra benefits in-game.

Getting the right one can be a bit of a pain however, this is due to the fact that getting charms in Resident Evil 4 remake is a random affair. This means you won’t be getting the one you want at first, unless you’re incredibly lucky, and you can get the same one twice. At least you can sell your duplicates, because the effects, sadly, don’t stack.

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Some of the more useful effects given to you in Resident Evil 4 remake via charms are things like increasing the health recovery from various food items like eggs, vipers, and black bass. There’s also the aforementioned lowering prices charms, which are always handy. Every charm you get through the Shooting Gallery is worth attaching to your case, as they all help in some regard.

You can attach them to your attaché case via the typewriter menu, and hitting the customize case button.

Resident Evil 4 remake is available on Steam.

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