How to complete the Savage Mutt request

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One of the many requests given to Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4 remake involves taking down a mangy dog. These requests can earn you some serious Spinels, so you shouldn’t ignore them. During the village section of the game, you’re asked to find this mutt at the Village Chief Manor. But tracking this beast down can be a little tricky. If you’re confused on how to complete the Savage Mutt request, keep on reading this guide to Resident Evil 4 remake.

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How to find the Savage Mutt in Resident Evil 4 remake

If you look on your map, you’ll notice that the mutt is located in the Village Chief Manor with an icon indicator. But when you walk inside, you won’t see it anywhere. This may make this request confusing, seeing as you also may occasionally hear it growl. To continue the request, now that you have Ashley with you, enter the attic from the bedroom. This was an area that was unreachable before, but now that you have Ashley, you can access it.

Resident Evil 4 Remake How To Complete Savage Mutt Request

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Help boost Ashley up into the attic and climb up there as well. Explore this room to its entirety, which has some interesting items, and the mangy dog will move towards the gate. Once you’re done with the manor, head outside. You’ll be able to spot the mutt with its beady red eyes at the gate to the village before it runs off. If you look at your map again, you’ll notice that the Savage Mutt icon has moved to the Village Square.

If you follow it, a fight will commence. This enemy is like the other terrifying parasitic dogs you’ve encountered but a lot stronger. Taking this beast down will take a lot of ammo and a lot of patience. But once you’re done, head back to The Merchant and you’ll receive eight Spinels as a reward. Figuring out how to complete the Savage Mutt request is a little confusing, but hopefully, this Resident Evil 4 remake guide was helpful enough.

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