Lithographic Stone tablet puzzle guide

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There are a plethora of puzzles to complete during your playthrough of Resident Evil 4 remake. While they’re a great way to break the tension of combat encounters, they can sometimes be difficult to decipher. During Chapter Eight, Leon S. Kennedy finds himself stuck on a puzzle with four stone tablets. These Lithographic Stones must be placed on the wall in a specific order. It isn’t so difficult to find them, but more so to figure out where they go and what side to use. Continue reading this guide to decipher the Lithographic Stone tablet puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake.

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How to use the Lithographic Stone tablets in Resident Evil 4 remake

After Leon’s first re-encounter with Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4 remake, she leaves you in the room with this puzzle and the Lithographic Stone tablets. You can find Lithographic Stone B to the left of the wall where the tablets will go. Walk behind you, and Lithographic Stone B sits in a glass case. Shatter it to take the tablet. Continue to the left side of the room, and next to a door sits Lithographic Stone C. Luckily, the fourth stone is already placed in the wall.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Lithographic Stone Tablet Puzzle Guide Solution

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now comes the hard part of this puzzle. Not only do you have to figure out where each one goes, but which side of the stone tablet to use. The puzzle wants you to match each tablet drawing with the icon on the wall. It may seem easy at first, but a lot of the tablets look the same and many combinations I thought were correct were actually incorrect. If you want to know the correct placement of each tablet, follow the image above.

Once you manage to put each tablet in correctly, the stone wall will open up into a new passage. Although the Lithographic Stone tablet puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake can be confusing, hopefully this guide cleared things up for you.

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