My.Games’ Left to Survive hits 60 million players worldwide

My.Games’ PvE shooter, Left to Survive, has hit 60m players worldwide since its launch in 2018. The shooter pits players against zombies in multiplayer matches and has managed to accrue $120m in revenue since its launch.

This latest milestone makes the game not only one of the most popular titles in My.Games’ catalogue but also in its genre. As with many successful games, My.Games attributes the success and growth of the title to consistent live events and updates, as well as the multi-platform nature of the game with Left to Survive being available on PC, iOS and Android.

CEO of My.Games, Vladimir Nikolsky said, “We’re incredibly grateful to our loyal players, who have inspired us to keep pushing the limits with fresh and exciting content. From new maps and heroes to innovative in-game events, we are dedicated to keeping our audience engaged and entertained.

“We listen to our players’ feedback and are constantly working to improve gameplay mechanics and player experience to ensure Left to Survive remains at the forefront of the industry.”

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My.Games has been eager to tout the continued success of its catalogue in the wake of numerous shake ups in both leadership and ownership over the past year. Consistent milestones have gone a long way to showing that whatever the changes behind the scenes, the company still has strong potential as it turns its vision towards the wider world.

We recently got the chance to speak to CSO, Elena Grigoryan who explained how their work to overcome these challenges proved to be a success.

“During our restructuring, the most important thing was to create the infrastructure, processes and stability to ensure the transition was as seamless as possible for both our players and our employees,” she explained. “Considering that more than 90% of our employees work remotely, it was a tall order to make sure they didn’t face any interruptions in their daily work. It involved a lot of work and effort on the backend – most of which went unseen – and I think our whole team did an amazing job.”

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