Rust – How to Turn Off Grass: Is It Possible?

Grass in Rust can be extremely annoying. It causes many players with slow computers to lag, and you can often lose items in it if you are not careful.

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This can get better if you start spending your time in arctic or desert biomes, but it would still be better to fix the problem from its roots.

Luckily, the game, by default, enables the grass displacement option to make grass “disappear” when you walk over it. However, that is the closest you can get to turning off grass in Rust. There is no real way to remove grass in Rust without cheating and getting banned.

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Can You Turn Off Grass in Rust?

There is no way to turn off grass completely in Rust. If you see any other information on the internet, then you are being trolled.

The “friendly” Rust community will tell you to either press F1 and write “quit grass” in the console or press Alt + F4. Doing either of those things will just close your game. If you write “quit” in the console and enter, the game will always close, no matter what you write after.

One of the developers even answered this question in 2020 and said that you can’t remove grass in Rust. You can only get rid of grass by joining a server that has a barren map. However, almost nobody plays on barren map servers, since rocks are also missing from these maps.

The closest thing you can get to turning off grass in Rust is to enable the grass displacement setting. You can find this in the Graphics options. What the grass displacement option does is flatten the grass whenever you walk over it.

So, if you walk in circles in an area you can make the grass in that place “disappear” for a short while. Unfortunately, the grass will get back up after a while. This can help when you drop something in the grass. Just walk around for a bit and flatten it to have higher visibility.

That’s everything you need to know about how to turn off grass in Rust!

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