Where to find the Cubic Device

The Resident Evil 4 remake is full of hidden treasures to find. But if you’ve reached the Castle then you may have noticed that some of this loot is locked up. This is because you need to first find the Cubic Device. Unfortunately, this item can’t be found until you’ve explored a fair bit of the castle already. So prepare to do some backtracking once you’ve got it in your hands. Here’s how to find the Cubic Device in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Resident Evil 4 remake: How to get the Cubic Device

The good news is that the Cubic Device is hard to miss. You’ll be able to grab it during Chapter 9. In this chapter, Leon and Ashley have to collect a lion, snake, and goat head for the Chimera statue in the Grand Hall. This quest will take you to three sections of the area. And it’s the armory that holds the Cubic Device.

All you need to do is progress through the armory section and take care of the onslaught of infected knights. This isn’t too hard and Ashley even offers a helping hand. But for the best chances of winning make sure you’ve got something powerful like the Riot Gun. It also wouldn’t hurt to pack some healing items just in case. You never know how some fights will go in the Resident Evil 4 remake after all.

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Once the fighting is done, Leon and Ashley need to walk through a door guarded by jousting knight statues. Once you’ve passed through, the chest you want is sitting at the end of the hallway. All you need to do is open it up and you’ll have the Cubic Device. Now you can unlock the various cabinets dotted throughout the castle. You’ll also need the Cubic Device to find the CQBR Assault Rifle. So the sooner you find the Cubic Device, the quicker you can get Resident Evil 4‘s good loot.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Cubic Device Location

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How to use the Cubic Device

The Cubic Device might seem confusing at first, but it’s simple to use. If you look at it you’ll see various grooves all across the cube. And each cabinet it unlocks requires a different set of grooves to open up. All you have to do is rotate the Cubic Device until each groove matches up with the protruding parts of the lock. Once you’ve done that the treasure inside will be all yours.

Resident Evil 4 How To Use Cubic Device

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