Skullgirls character Black Dahlia launches with new trailer

Just yesterday, developer Hidden Variable Studios finally released Black Dahlia, the latest character to come to Skullgirls: 2nd Encore. This character actually first appeared all the way back in Peacock’s story mode campaign as an antagonist. Since then, she had become a highly requested character by fans, and those wishes were finally granted when the developers teased her at the end of a trailer showcasing the character Umbrella. After a long wait, fans finally have the opportunity to try out this beloved character. Hidden Variable Studios accompanied her launch with a brand-new trailer showing the basics of her arsenal.

This sadistic assassin boasts a variety of weapons and traps that she hides from sight until she uses them. Her primary weapon comes in the form of a gun attached to her arm that can fire several different kinds of projectiles. Many of these projectiles have some sort of elemental property tied to them, such as electricity for stunning the opponent and ice for freezing them in place. Additionally, she comes equipped with shotgun-esque bursts and piercing laser beams.

What about her other weapons?

Aside from her gun arm, Black Dahlia wields bladed heels, chained sawblades, bear traps, and other deadly tools. If she ever finds herself in a pinch, she can set a circular piece of cloth on the ground and warp to its location. For one of her super moves, she brings out a team of assassins from the Medici Mafia to assist her. Meanwhile, her other super move sees her kicking a barrel to leave puddles of oil on the ground that she can set on fire with her attacks.

With Black Dahlia finally out, fans of Skullgirls will have one more Season 1 character to look forward to in the form of Marie. Serving as Skullgirls’ final boss ever since its launch, Marie will finally become playable at some point this year.

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