How to complete ‘The Unique Unicorn’

The beast quest line ends with capturing the Phoenix, but fortunately for enthusiasts, there are more side quests around involving helping beasts. One of them is ‘The Unique Unicorn’, a quest that will have you adding another companion to your Vivarium. If that sounds appealing, here’s how to complete ‘The Unique Unicorn’ in Hogwarts Legacy.

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‘The Unique Unicorn’ starting area and NPC

This quest is available from Betty Bugbrooke, standing in the middle of Hogsmeade square near Honeydukes and the North Hogsmeade Floo Station. Talk to her to start the quest.

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She explains to you her Unicorn friend Hazel she visits with protected her from a pack of wolves. In the process she sustained injuries and went into hiding. Since you’re a Hogwarts student and are taught about caring for beasts, she thinks you can get her somewhere safe to heal. Agree to help her and set out towards the Forbidden Forest.

The Unique Unicorn Map

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The Unicorn Den has only one location within the Forbidden Forest, best accessed by the Upper Hogsfield Floo Station. Note this is a beast rescuing mission, so the same tactics apply. Using Disillusionment to sneak up on her followed by Levioso is optimal to capture her in the Nab-sack. If she runs away, you can see her on the map as a little diamond, making it easy to follow her.

How To Complete The Unique Unicorn Hazel

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Once she’s captured, report back to Betty. You can choose to charge a fee or not, but either way the quest completes.

For your efforts in helping an injured Unicorn, you get the Wooden Maiden for the Room of Requirement. Just like the actual torture chamber from real life. What a terribly fitting and not at all disturbing reward for a quest like this.

How To Complete The Unique Unicorn Hazel Vivarium

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Hazel is be safe and sound in your inventory as well, free to be released into your Vivarium to contribute.

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