‘Princess Connect Re:Dive’ Is Shutting Down Next Month Outside Japan on iOS and Android – TouchArcade

Crunchyroll Games brought Princess Connect Re:Dive (Free) to iOS and Android in the West following its launch back in 2018 in Japan. Today, Princess Connect Re:Dive has been confirmed to shut down on April 30, 2023 on iOS and Android. Note that this affects the version by Crunchyroll Games and not the Japanese release that is still continuing. Since launch, Princess Connect Re:Dive included PvP and PvE modes, but had a story focus. No reason was given for the shut down, but the announcement just mentions the date and that they are grateful to fans of Princess Connect Re:Dive. Check out the full announcement below:

If you’d like to check Princess Connect Re:Dive out before it shuts down in the West on April 30, you can grab it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Princess Connect Re:Dive is free to play. It is disappointing to see this happen again with another free to play game even though I didn’t play this much after the months following its launch since I know a few people who have been playing often. Have you played Princess Connect Re:Dive through the Japanese or global release so far?

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