The first patch for The Last of Us Part I’s troubled PC port is now live

The Last of Us series’ consistent streak of high-quality releases has unfortunately come to an end. A couple of days ago, the PC port of The Last of Us: Part I remake finally came out, and fans and critics came away shocked, not because of the infected, but rather due to its poor launch state. Numerous technical issues have plagued this release to the point where its user score on Steam currently sits at a “mostly negative” rating. Of course, Naughty Dog has quickly begun work on fixing up these issues, and they kicked things off yesterday with The Last of Us Part I’s first patch, which goes by the name v.

The official patch notes that Naughty Dog posted do not feature too many details about the update. The most significant aspect of the patch comes in the form of fixes to “several performance & hitch related issues impacting some users.” Additionally, the patch “added extra crash diagnostic information to assist in investigating shader building related crashes and other common reported stability issues.”

That’s not all that Naughty Dog did

Since the release of this update, Naughty Dog has put out a new hotfix for The Last of Us: Part I called v1.0.1.6. This smaller update adds more memory and reduces the amount of Out of Memory crashes that can occur. In addition, the patch improves the memory for animation streaming so that both gameplay and cinematics have a more stable performance. The update also fixes a crash that can occur due to some save file-related issues.

Naughty Dog plans to listen to player feedback and release another patch for The Last of Us: Part I at some point soon. All in all, it will likely take more than just a couple of patches for this PC port to reach an acceptable level of quality, which will undoubtedly disappoint PC players wanting to finally experience one of Sony’s classics.

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