God of War Egypt Setting Rumor Is Fake

It’s April Fool’s Day today, but someone decided to get a head start last night by claiming to have unearthed information pertaining to God of War Ragnarok 2 – a sequel that has never been announced.

Santa Monica Studio unlikely to make God of War Ragnarok 2

This new rumor came from a YouTube video with a clickbait title which suggests that players found cut/unused content in God of War Ragnarok. The content in question is dialogue that hints at a sequel which takes players to Egypt. One problem: the voice lines are AI-generated.

The YouTuber, Omega Fantasy, also pulled a similar April Fool’s Day joke involving God of War Ragnarok last year. However, quite a few people still fell for the sequel rumor last night.

As we’ve previously reported, Santa Monica Studio is unlikely to make God of War Ragnarok 2. The studio said that it wanted to cover the Norse saga in two games rather than three. And although it’ll continue making God of War games, a direct sequel to Rangarok isn’t going to happen.

Some fans are still holding out hope, however, because they feel like Ragnarok’s ending left much to be desired.

Take every rumor that crops up on April 1 with a gazillion grains of salt.

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