NZXT’s Capsule Mini Wired USB Mic Will Let You Plug And Play For Cheap

The NZXT Capsule microphone was launched in 2021 and is a decent mid-tier wired USB microphone. Its selling point has been the “plug-and-play” feature–meaning you don’t need to download any software to use the mic, and it’s fairly straightforward to get it set up. Now NZXT is launching a smaller version of the NZXT Capsule, aptly called the Capsule Mini.

The Capsule Mini features 24-bit resolution and a single cardioid polar pattern. This means the microphone picks up what’s closest to it and reduces background sounds, making it a good mic for streaming or podcasting. The Capsule Mini is $70 (standard Capsule is $130).

The Mini also has a slightly lower resolution than the standard Capsule (24-bit/48kHz versus 24-bit/96kHz) and also needs the software NZXT Cam, which comes free with the mic, to control settings. The microphone release for the Mini is also a screw, instead of the Capsule’s push-release.

NZXT will also offer the Boom Arm Mini ($70), a small boom arm–and like the Capsule Mini, it is meant for those who want to save some desk space.

Capsule Mini Specs

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