Fire Emblem Engage – How Does Tower of Trials Work?

Tower of Trials is a unique feature in Fire Emblem Engage that lets you participate in consecutive battles through three different game modes in order to earn rewards, crystals, and small amounts of EXP.

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In Fire Emblem Engage, Tower of Trials is a feature found in Somniel that lets you earn various rewards, crystals, and a small amount of bonus EXP for Alear and your units by participating in consecutive battles.

Tower of Trials has three different game modes, with the opportunity to play offline in solo missions, or online in co-op or vs. missions with or against your friends.

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What Is Tower of Trials & How Does it Work in Fire Emblem Engage?

In Fire Emblem Engage, Tower of Trials is a feature found in Somniel that allows you to participate in battles through three different game modes – Tempest Trials, Relays Trials, and Outrealm Trials.

By participating in consecutive battles, you will be able to earn rewards such as small amounts of EXP, materials for your inventory, and crystals, which can be used to augment your weapons.

Tempest Trials

Tempest Trials are the single-player, offline game mode for Fire Emblem Engage’s Tower of Trials.

In this game mode, there are four different maps in which you will fight three consecutive battles each.

The number of rewards and benefits that can be earned for completing these battles will scale as the difficulty increases.

Relay trials

The second game mode for Fire Emblem Engage’s Tower of Trials is the Relays Trials mode. Relay Trials are an online cooperative game mode that can be accessed by Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

In Relay Trials, the aim is to clear the map while operating on a turn-based format with another player through Online Play.

To participate in a Relay Trial, you will need to spend a Relay Ticket. You can easily earn Relay Tickets every 24 hours simply by returning to Somniel. Alternatively, you can also earn extra Relay Tickets by scanning Fire Emblem Amiibos at the Amiibo Gazebo in Somniel.

Outrealm Trials

The third and final Tower of Trials game mode in Fire Emblem Engage is Outrealm Trials. Similarly to Relay Trials, Outrealm Trials is an online-only game mode that can only be accessed by Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

In Outrealm Trials, you can create your own map battles for other online players to challenge, as well as participate in matches to clear maps created by other players.

However, Outrealm Trial matches are run by the Fire Emblem Engage computer AI, and unlike Relay Trials, they do not involve gameplay with other real players.

Unit Deaths

Fire Emblem Engage’s Tower of Trials game modes are a form of practice matches. This means that if any of your units die in combat during Tower of Trials matches, they will not be permanently lost and will return to your game once the match is over.

How Does Tower of Trials Work in Fire Emblem Engage?

This allows you to have fun with your playstyle in Tower of Trials game modes, such as playing units in an aggressive formation or playtesting specific skills, combinations, and abilities without worrying about the consequence of a permanent loss of your most valuable units.

How To Unlock Tower of Trials in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, Relay Trials and Outrealm Trials will be unlocked simultaneously upon unlocking Somniel in Chapter 4.

To participate in Relay or Outrealm Trials, head to Somniel and follow the map to the South side of the map.

Alternatively, you can open Somniel’s fast travel map and select Tower of Trials. This will take you to the building identified in the image below:

How Does Tower of Trials Work in Fire Emblem Engage?

Here, you can gain access to and participate in the Outrealm Trials and Relay Trials game modes. However, as mentioned above, you will need to have a Nintendo Online Subscription to play these, as they are online-only game modes.

Unlocking Fire Emblem Engage’s Tower of Trials offline alternative, Tempest Trials, will take a little more of your time to achieve.

This game mode will automatically unlock once you reach Chapter 11 of the main story.

Until this point of the game, Tempest Trials will be inaccessible, so if you’re looking for another reason to grind out the first section of the game, this feature is just another reason to go for it.

How To Beat Tower of Trials in Fire Emblem Engage

There are a couple of methods and precautions you can put in place to help you beat Tower of Trails in Fire Emblem Engage, such as leveling up and promoting your units on a regular basis and being careful to select a difficulty level that is actually winnable for you at the stage of the game you have currently cleared.

These will be explained in further detail below:

Keeping Tower of Trials Difficulty Level in Mind:

In Fire Emblem Engage’s Tower of Trials, Tempest Trials involve a battle system that is a familiar replica of the main battles throughout the Chapters of the story.

The only difference, is that in Tempest Trials, battles are randomized each time with different map layouts and enemy units.

This randomization will occur even if you select the same difficulty level, so this can be useful to keep in mind if you’re looking to challenge yourself and learn the strengths and weaknesses of particular units.

Because of the randomization occurring in every Trial, the biggest obstacle to overcome is the selection of difficulty level, which will determine the level of the enemy units.

In Tempest Trials, enemy units at level 1-20 will remain as Base Class units, while enemy units at levels 25-40 will only contain Advanced Classes.

The level of these enemy units will be determined by the difficulty level that you input opon initiating a Tempest Trial.

You should work your way through a few levels to test things out before deciding if you’re powerful enough to make a big jump to the higher-end numbers, as simply clocking in and beginning above the level 25 mark will likely prove to be quite a tough challenge and an uphill battle in terms of completion.

Promoting & Leveling Units For an Easier Time in Tower of Trials

In Fire Emblem Engage, leveling and promoting your units is the best way to increase stat blocks and abilities of an individual ally.

This can be achieved through the use of Master Seals and Second Seals, which work in changing the Base Class of your units or promoting them to Advanced Classes.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to promote and Change Class

If you’re heading to take on difficulty levels from level 25 and above, you’ll want to consider promoting the majority of your units from their Base Class to their Advance Class for better utility, as well as take look at upgrading your weapons for each unit, and inheriting skills from Emblems with the use of your Skill Points.

All Tower of Trial Rewards in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, you can earn rewards through Tower of Trials’ Tempest Trials game mode.

These rewards consist of small bonus amounts of EXP, materials, and crystals. EXP scales starting at difficulty level 7 and to level 16 and remains a set value between levels 16-40.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all the Tempest Trial rewards in Fire Emblem Engage, so you can evaluate the benefits of completing each level and what seems doable for you at your current stage of the game.

Tempest Trials – Materials Rewards:

Map TitleMaterial Rewards
Verdant PlainDef Crystal
Floral FieldDex Crystal
Mountain PeakMt Crystal
Winter ForestRes Crystal

Tempest Trials – Difficulty Rewards:

Difficulty LevelEXP RewardCrystal Rewards (No guarantee)
71 (Battle 1)
3 (Battle 2)
5 (Battle 3)
82 (Battle 1)
6 (Battle 2)
10 (Battle 3)
93 (Battle 1)
9 (Battle 2)
15 (Battle 3)
104 (Battle 1)
12 (Battle 2)
20 (Battle 3)
115 (Battle 1)
15 (Battle 2)
25 (Battle 3)
126 (Battle 1)
18 (Battle 2)
30 (Battle 3)
137 (Battle 1)
21 (Battle 2)
35 (Battle 3)
148 (Battle 1)
24 (Battle 2)
40 (Battle 3)
159 (Battle 1)
27 (Battle 2)
45 (Battle 3)
16-2010 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
21-2410 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
2510 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
2610 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
2711 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
2812 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
2913 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
3014 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
3115 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
3216 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
3317 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
3418 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
3519 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
3620 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
3721 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
3822 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
3923 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
4024 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
4125 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
4-21 (Crystals), 0-1 (Books)
5026 (Battle 1)
30 (Battle 2)
50 (Battle 3)
30 (Crystals), 0-1 (Books)

That’s everything you need to know about how Tower of Trials works in Fire Emblem Engage.

Which difficulty levels have you managed to beat in Tower of Trials? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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