This PS5 patent will give your DualSense a cold – literally

Sony’s latest patent might just be the strangest yet: a DualSense heat dispenser that changes temperature based on in-game environments.

It sounds like something straight out of a poorly researched sci-fi flick, but the PS5 manufacturer’s done the legwork and registered a patent (opens in new tab) for its latest idea. That being to add a “temperature control apparatus” to the DualSense controller. Or at least, a new controller like it.

Sony would achieve this by replacing the DualSense’s plastic shell with a special gel-like substance, which would better translate hot and cold temperatures to the controller’s haptics (thanks, Push Square (opens in new tab)).

(Image credit: Future)

Some example applications would be the controller heating up in warmer biomes like deserts or around volcanoes. Conversely, exploring arctic climates or opening a fridge could cool the controller down for added immersion.

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