How to Find and Use Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest

As part of update three, Endnight Games have added a bunch of new things in Sons of the Forest. There are some quality-of-life updates, but also new items you can get and use. One of the newest additions to the game is night vision goggles. This piece of equipment may drastically alter the way you play, so it’s a good idea to have them on you. If you read on, this guide will show you how to find and use night vision goggles in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest: How to find the night vision goggles

The first thing you should do is head to the cave with a skeleton in a chair. To help you situate yourself, the cave should be located in the southwestern region of the map. You can use your GPS to easily pinpoint its location.

The cave itself is rather simple, you won’t be fighting any enemies so you can walk right in without any issues. The goggles are on the skeleton’s head that’s sitting in the chair. There should also be more loot around, don’t forget to pick that up.

Some players have reported the goggles don’t show up at all, to avoid this – save the game outside the cave and load back in. The goggles should appear after you’ve done this.

Screenshot via PC Invasion

How to use the night vision goggles

Of course, in the daytime the goggles won’t work since you become practically blind. In fact, any light source will deter the usage of the night vision goggles. So make sure that all lights on you aren’t visible when using the goggles. If you have a flashlight on your gun or you’re holding one, put it away. Additionally, diving and going underwater isn’t a good idea either – because the rebreather you find has a light on it.

Tech armor has lights as well, having that on will make it difficult to see. Interestingly, flares don’t do much – they’ll just make your vision a little blurry.

The night vision goggles also uses batteries, and while they don’t drain out quickly – it’s better to be conservative with them.

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