RE4 Remake PS5 Frame Rate Improved After Mercenaries Update, Fans Report

Fans on the PS5 Reddit report that the RE4 Remake PS5 frame rate has become more stable after the free Mercenaries update released yesterday, April 7. In particular, they say that the game’s frame rate in Resolution mode is more consistent, along with generally improved image quality. This is despite the patch notes for the Mercenaries DLC not saying anything about the frame rate for PS5.

RE4 Remake Mercenaries update makes the game less blurry on PS5

As indicated by several users on Reddit, the overall image quality has been enhanced, which matches the patch notes where the update fixes a PS5 graphics rendering process that made certain environment details blurry. Meanwhile, the patch notes only say that Capcom has improved the frame rate for Xbox Series X|S.

That said, the Reddit user who started the thread further notes that the only section in the game that stutters at around 48 fps in Resolution mode looks to be the part when Leon is fighting in the village during a storm. But other than that, the frame rate has apparently been smooth. For clarity, this is with an LG CX television with ray tracing off but hair strands on.

On the downside, some fans have been disappointed with Mercenaries mode missing characters and levels, and introducing pay-to-win microtransactions. The game has also been review bombed for being apparently ‘woke.’

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