Behaviour Interactive rollbacks unpopular healing system change after “reviewing player feedback”

Behaviour Interactive is reverting Dead By Daylight’s healing system change following player feedback.

Behaviour figured that the change – which saw the time to heal slowed from 16 to 24 seconds – would be contentious, and said that it would keep “an extra close eye on this change to see how it would play out”.

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“After reviewing player feedback, we found that many of you agreed that the speed which you heal others was already in a good spot prior to the update,” the team explained in an update. “This change also had knock-on effects elsewhere in the game, making effects like Mangled and Hemorrhage stronger and making ‘slugging’ (leaving Survivors in the dying state) even more effective.

“Therefore, we have reverted the base healing time to 16 seconds.”

The team added that there was “a lot of support for tuning down Med-Kits in particular” as they allowed survivors to heal themselves multiple times “whenever it was convenient to them”, so Behaviour has now “shifted focus” onto Med-Kits, starting with the news that all Med-Kits will now have a total of 24 charges.

Dead By Daylight has also increased the healing speed bonus when healing others across all Med-Kits, whilst they will now have a 33 per cent “speed and efficiency penalty” when used for self-healing.

“Combined, these changes will decrease the power of Med-Kits when used for self-healing, but increase their power when used for healing teammates in return,” Behaviour explains. “We all know you’ll probably continue using them for self-heals, but at least the choice is there!”

Blumhouse – the horror-focused movie production company behind the likes of Paranormal Activity, Sinister, Insidious, and Get Out – is adapting Dead by Daylight into a film.

The project is being developed in conjunction with Dead by Daylight studio Behaviour Interactive and Atomic Monster (the production company run by prominent horror director James Wan), with the latter calling the game’s “incredible environment teeming with atmosphere and terrifying villains…perfect for a scary cinematic adaptation”.

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