How to solve the purple puzzle room in Fortnite’s Lantern Fest Tour

The Lantern Fest Tour is currently going on in Fortnite, and there’s a “purple puzzle room” in the featured Creative island adventure players are scratching their heads over how to solve.

The “purple puzzle room” in the Lantern Fest Tour is located in the open area of the island near the trees imbued with a purple hue. It can be found by leaving the spawn point area and running down the long hallway to where the island opens up. Take a left and follow the water front around about halfway to find the entry point. You’ll see a glass booth with text “coming soon” floating in the air.

You’ll need to step inside the booth and interact with an object to teleport to the puzzle room. You then get 30 seconds to solved the puzzle. The room itself is full of object clutter, so it definitely looks unclear about what to do upon entering the room. The answer is to target the characters within by hitting each with your pickaxe in a specific order.

How to solve Fortnite Purple Lantern Puzzle tour

First hit the pink bear known as “Cuddle Team Leader” followed by the cat known as “Meowscles.” You then need to hit the banana “Peely” followed by the gnome and then the teddy bear. Doing all of this will complete the challenge and teleport you back to the island. You’re then done with the purple puzzle challenge and can move on to the next challenge on the island.

Image by PC Invasion

The Creative mode Lantern Fest Tour is just one of multiple attractions going on in Fortnite right now. The Mega season is currently live in the Battle Royale mode, and there are plenty of Quests to do for it as well. One Quest players are currently having issues with relates to a Syndicate Quest for surviving Storm Phases which requires some tricks to fix and complete.

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