League of Legends Best Jax Skins

Jax, Grandmaster at Arms, is one of the most popular top lane champs in League of Legends. With his insane outplay potential and high skill ceiling, a Jax can even one-vs-one the Queen of Parries herself, Fiora. Besides his unique playstyle, Riot has given him some fantastic skins, some of which were limited edition and cannot be found in the Shop anymore. Even though the Champion design is a humanoid with a lamp, skins like Mecha Kingdoms Jax really pique your interest.

Let’s dive deeper into Jax’s entire skin line to see what are some of his most popular skins and also go over limited-time skins that are no longer available.

Best Jax Skins

While Jax may have an abundance of skins, each one still has a unique element to it. This element could be the aura surrounding the Champion in-game, recall animations, or even its splash art. Legacy content skins should also be accounted for as, even though some are cheap, they cannot be bought in the shop, so it’s all up to chance.

Now let’s work through some of Jax’s best skins before we talk about limited-edition content.

Temple Jax

Price: 750 RP

Release Date: 15/11/2011

Theme: Legacy

If you are a sucker for splash art, Temple Jax is the skin for you. Drawing inspiration from a samurai-fighter theme, Temple Jax is definitely a fan favorite. 

The skin combines a pose that requires discipline with an actual weapon really brings out the perfect aesthetic for Jax. On top of that, the background really compliments and brings the splash art together. Unfortunately, though, this skin does not have any special effects.

Nemesis Jax

Price: 975 RP

Release Date: 14/09/2012

Theme: Legacy

You can’t be a Jax main and not want to have Nemesis Jax in your collection. The Nemesis Jax skin adds that barbaric touch the previous Jax skins lacked. Showing him as a gladiator in a colosseum, running over his foes with his mace, the outfit definitely fits what Riot artists were trying to portray. 

It is the first Jax skin that added a special effect to the Champion in-game. The character is constantly covered in a purple aura which can also be seen in his abilities. This is what sets this unique skin class apart.

God Staff Jax

Price: 1320 RP

Release Date: 11/01/2018

Theme: Immortal Journey

God Staff Jax is usually considered the best Jax skin out there, comparable only to Conquerer Jax (Prestige Edition) and Mecha Kingdoms Jax. The outline of this skin is fairly similar to the original splash art, with a monk robe/armor and lamp as the weapon of choice. But add to that the color theme, pose, and background, and you’ll understand why people adore this skin.

Not only does this skin add an angelic golden aura around the Champion, but Riot also gives it a unique recall and death animation to top it all off. All in all, you do not want to miss your chance at this skin.

Mecha Kingdoms Jax

Price: 1820 RP

Release Date: 15/01/2020

Theme: Mecha Kingdoms

The only legendary Jax skin available in the game to date, Mecha Kingdomgs Jax takes the highest rarity spot in our list. While the Mecha Kingdomgs Jax skin might not look up to the mark as legendary skin, Riot made sure to pack it full of unique animations and items. 

Starting with his weapon and armor, both are different compared to all other Jax skins, and it will probably stay that way. If you have this skin equipped, you even get a new voice filter and level-up animation when you hit level 6. All these additional effects add to its amazing aesthetics and justify the high rarity and price.

Vandal Jax

Price: 520 RP

Release Date: 24/02/2010

Theme: Vandal

Vandal Jax is part of the Vandal skin line that includes some other skins like Vandal Twitch and Vandal Gragas. It is a Legacy skin (meaning it cannot be purchased from the shop) and was the 2nd Jax skin to be released. Riot released it 12 days after the first skin, The Mighty Jax, came out to increase the Champion’s aesthetic.

The splash art for the skin shows Jax with a spiked club, bashing away at the ground near the screen. With sparks flying and his torn cape in the air, the skin is bound to attract attention at first glance. That said, it does not add any special effects to the Champion in-game.

Angler Jax

Price: 975 RP

Release Date: 08/06/2010

Theme: Day Job

Another Legacy Jax skin makes the list, this time as a solo skin. Angler Jax was also one of the first few skins Riot released for Jax. Unfortunately, this does not have any special effects either, which is probably why it isn’t as popular as future skins.

The splash art takes into account his humanoid nature, showing Jax leaning against a tree with a fishing rod in his hand. This does correlate with Jax’s weird choice of weapons (like a lamp in the original splash art), but other than that, it is nothing extraordinary.

Conquerer Jax/Prestige Edition

Price: 1350 RP

Release Date: 29/04/2021

Theme: Conquerer

Riot likes to spice up their skin lines by giving one Champion a prestige skin when they roll out new patches. Jax got his prestige skin with the Conquerer Jax skin, which was released to celebrate MSI 2021.

Both versions of the skin are very aesthetically pleasing to look at, keeping in mind that Jax is a warrior but also not overloading the splash art. The emerald green theme is also unique and can be found as a special aura around the Champion in-game. The prestige edition boasts a beautiful golden aura, similar to the God Staff Jax skin.

SK T1 Jax

Price: 750 RP

Release: 04/05/2014

Theme: SK T1

The list would not be complete without mentioning one of Jax’s best skins, especially if you are playing with friends. SK T1 Jax was released after the 2013 World’s Championship, where SK T1 was crowned victorious. As tradition follows, their top-laner, Impact, closed the final game as Jax, which led to the creation of SK T1 Jax.

This can be an immensely fun skin to play with if your teammates have the other SK T1 skins equipped in-game. While the skin has no special effects of its own, if you look closely, you can see the 2013 World’s trophy at the end of Jax’s weapon.

Final Thoughts

Jax is an amazing and fun champ to play, and his unique skins only add to that interest. While these are some of the top skins in-game, you can always play with whichever skin attracts you the most. Skins like Empyrean Jax and PAX Jax have entire fanbases of their own. In the end, all it should do is look good to you.

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