Free-To-Play Shooter ‘Rogue Company’ Ends Service On Switch In June

Image: Hi-Rez Studios

Service for the Switch version of Rogue Company will be ending on 20th June 2023, publisher Hi-Rez Studios has announced. The studio released a statement earlier today confirming the decision, along with a note that it will continue to provide full support to the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox versions. (Thanks, Destructoid.)

Developed by First Watch Games, Rogue Company is a free-to-play hero shooter launched on Switch in July 2020 in Early Access until going free-to-play in October 2020 with an open beta. We reviewed the game while it was in the Early Access, giving it a respectable 7/10. The game’s release followed in May 2022.

However, Hi-Rez Studios has now stated that it will be pulling the plug on the Switch version as the publisher “realized that the performance of our Switch port was not up to our standards, and we were unable to provide the level of support our players deserve”.

The company said that “This choice wasn’t made easily or without concern for our community”, but that it simply cannot effectively support the Switch version alongside other versions of the game, stating:

“We understand the impact this decision may have on our community and would like to assure you that we have worked diligently to find workarounds for various Switch-specific issues in the past. Unfortunately, significant technical and process challenges prevent us from continuing support for this platform, and we believe this is the best choice for Rogue Company.”

All in-game stores in the Switch version have been closed, with Switch eShop purchases also due to turn off “as soon as possible”. At the time of writing is, the store page is giving us a 404 error. Hi-Rex has recommended that players who wish to continue playing to do so by “utilizing Hi-Rez account linking to pick up your progress where you left off on another platform”. You can read Hi-Rez’s FAQ on how to link your account over on its website.

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