How to get the ODM Gear in Fortnite

Collaborations between Fortnite and other properties are now common. We’ve seen IPs like Dragon Balls Z jump into the world of battle royale. These collaborations could make the game feel fresh every time. Epic Games has teamed up with the anime Attack on Titan for the latest update. You’ll not only have the many skins, characters, and items — but also the iconic ODM Gear — also known as the Omni – Directional Gear. If you read on, this guide will show you how to get the ODM Gear in Fortnite.

Fortnite: How to get the ODM Gear

The weapon that Eren Yeager and other characters use has been recreated to help you fight off enemies in Fortnite. While it’s hard to find, let’s pinpoint the location — so you can get defend yourself better.

You should start by looking for it either on the ground, in chests, or at Scout Regiment Lockers. The best place to search at the start is the many points of interest. To help narrow down the places, Epic Games has stated in a blog post to head to Anvil Square — where you’ll uncover Jeager’s Family Basement.  In this area, you should be able to find a locker with the ODM Gear — plus some powerful weapons as well.

How does OMD work?

If you’ve watched the AoT anime, you probably know now that it can launch the users into the air and grapple onto something. In Fortnite, much of the mechanics work similarly to the anime. You can catapult yourself into the sky, attack other players — and then launch back into the air.  If you’re a fan of other movement shooters such as Titanfall, you could find this way of playing Fortnite familiar. It’s also interesting because the battle royal has seemed to be moving slowly towards becoming a movement shooter. With additions like Webslingers from Spider-Man — the game itself has seemingly taken on a new form.


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