Project Mugetsu Hollow progression guide: How to become Arrancar

If becoming a Soul Reaper in Project Mugetsu isn’t your thing, you can become a Hollow and eventually an Arrancar. If you are new to Project Mugetsu, know that the game has quite the grind. But if you want to be a powerful Arrancar, here is the place to learn how.

How to become Hollow in Project Mugetsu

Before you can become an Arrancar in Project Mugetsu, you need to become a Hollow. Becoming a Hollow begins by talking to Aizen who can be found by looking for the red fire icon. To complete Aizen’s quest, you need to defeat one Soul Reaper which is harder than it seems. If there are other players around, try to recruit them to help you.

After utilizing your attacks, blocks, and the environment to defeat a Soul Reaper, return to Aizen. Choosing to be a Hollow is a permanent decision that can only be reset by Legendary Orbs found from bosses or purchased by Robux. When you have made up your mind, confirm that you want to become a Hollow.

How to become Arrancar in Project Mugetsu

Once you are a Hollow, the next step is to become an Arrancar. There are three types of Arrancar in Project Mugetsu: Menoscar, Adjuchacar, and Vastocar. The first Arrancar you become is Menoscar, then Adjuchacar, and finally Vastocar. With that said, the ultimate goal is to become a Vastocar Arrancar, but if you simply want to become Arrancar, you’ll technically do that when you become Menoscar.

How to become Menoscar in Project Mugetsu

To become Menoscar, you need to get 625 progression which is acquired by devouring body parts from fallen enemies. If you have the Project Mugetsu Game Pass, you can see your progress, but it’s not required. In general, here is the progression for each body type:

  • Arrancars – Four progression
  • Menoscars – Three progression
  • Adjuchacars – Three progression
  • Hollows – One progression

How to become Adjuchacar in Project Mugetsu

After becoming Menoscar, all you need to do to become Adjuchacar is stay in the game and stay alive for an hour and 45 minutes. You don’t need to devour to get more progression, although that will help for the next part.

How to become Vasto Lorde in Project Mugetsu

The next evolution is Vasto Lorde and this requires 1,875 progression. If you thought the grind for Monoscar was a lot, getting to Vastolorde is even tougher. Be sure to look up codes and use them for double XP.

How to become Vastocar in Project Mugetsu

Once you are Vasto Lorde, you need to get 2,250 progression. Yep. The grind continues. To become Vastocar, you need to open the Shop and buy Vastocar for 2,250 XP. Once you reach Vastocar, you can acquire amazing skills and be the strongest Arrancar in Project Mugetsu.

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