New Trails into Reverie features trailer showcases the game’s side activities

The latest entry into the long-running Trails series is releasing in just a few months, and NIS America have been periodically releasing new trailers showing off many of the new aspects of The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie. The new Trails into Reverie features trailer showcases many of the game’s side activities.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie features trailer

The Trails series is no stranger to side activities, with the series having many minigames throughout its almost 20 year history. These have ranged from card games, to fishing, to rail shooter segments. Trails into Reverie is no exception to this it seems.

There’s a bunch of the new activities you can do in Trails into Reverie, which are accessible through gameplay inside the True Reverie Corridor. The True Reverie Corridor is an ever-changing, randomly generated, dungeon that you can go to test your mettle and recruit new characters, and unlock new mini-games for you to play.

Minigames galore!

Players can pick from a suite of Trails characters to battle against formidable foes while doing battle in the True Reverie Corridor. With there being plenty of characters returning in Trails into Reverie, this will for sure be a blast to do with different party setups.

Now it’s time for the mini-games. The most exciting one is the Magical Girl Alisa Star Fox-esque mini-game, which is a reference to something in another one of Nihon Falcom’s games, Tokyo Xanadu, among other things this appears in, such as a light novel and a DLC costume for Alisa in Trails of Cold Steel 2.

Here’s the mech mini-game that’s shown during the trailer. Screenshot via NIS America Youtube

The quiz mode starring Beryl from the Trails of Cold Steel series is an exciting mini-game too, which will test your knowledge of the Trails series. For fans like myself, this will be the bane of my existence until I perfect every question. Maybe the most visually interesting mini-game during the montage is the one showcasing a real-time mech fighting mini-game, which seems incredibly fun to play. This is noteworthy as it’s the first action combat the series has had up until this point.

There’s also the return of Vantage Masters from Trails of Cold Steel 3/4, which is a fun card game to pass the time. There’s also some activities you can get up to on the beach at Mishelam Wonderland, such as jet skiing and watermelon smashing.

Look forward to more information about The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie as we lead up to launch on July 7, which you can currently wishlist on Steam.

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