Summer Games Done Quick shares this year’s charity speedrunning schedule

Summer Games Done Quick is back at the end of May with a whole heap of new charity speedrunning fun, and organisers have now revealed the full show schedule, so you can start planning your viewing well ahead of time.

This year’s Summer Games Done Quick – which will once again feature an in-person component – runs from Sunday, 28th May to Sunday, 4th June, and is set to feature more than 130 speedruns over its seven-day run-time, with all money raised going to Doctors Without Borders.

As ever, the newly shared schedule is an eclectic one, with the likes of Elden Ring and Hi-Fi Rush rubbing shoulders with everything from Disney’s 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue and Peggle Deluxe to Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.

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The in-person bit of this year’s Summer Games Done Quick – which marks the second year in a row it’s returned following a number of digital-only events due to the coronavirus pandemic – takes place at the Hilton Minneapolis hotel, with registration now open.

For those that can’t make the trip, the entirety of Summer Games Done Quick’s speedrunning schedule will be streamed via Twitch, starting with the pre-show at 5.30pm on 28th May.

Last year’s Summer Games Done Quick raised $3 million USD (around £2.5m) for Doctors Without Borders, while Awesome Games Done Quick – the group’s first charity speedrunning event of 2023 – raised $2.6m (almost £2.1m) for the Prevent Cancer Foundation in January.

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