EA’s Immortals of Aveum PS5 Release Date, Gameplay, Story Revealed

New details for the spell-slinging Immortals of Aveum have been revealed by developer Ascendant Studios under the EA Originals label. Sharing the PS5 release date and a trailer through a tweet, the developer also shares information on its gameplay and story through an extensive official PlayStation blog. Bret Robbins, the director for the game and the CEO of Ascendant Studios, previously worked on the Legacy of Kain series, Dead Space, and Call of Duty.

Immortals of Aveum might give Forspoken a run for its money

As revealed via tweet, Immortals of Aveum is slated to release on PS5 on July 20, 2023. That’s not a lot of lead-up time to get a sense of what this magical FPS is all about, so the developer has shared many more details about the game in a lengthy PS Blog. But we’re here to break it all down.

Immortals of Aveum’s story centers around Jak, an orphan who becomes a Magnus battle mage with the unique ability to wield three “colors” of magic as a Triarch. Jak fights as a so-called Immortal, described as “the Navy SEALs of [the game’s] wizard world,” for his homeland of Lucium against the forces of Rasharn.

These two nations have fought for control over magical leylines for a millennium, and Jak will need to defeat everything from elementals and constructs, to archons and other spellslingers for intense wizard battles.

Jak’s arsenal of spells act like gunfire, with chargeable Javelins, rapid-fire homing Stormshard projectiles, and Breachfire shotgun blasts. Jak can also teleport dodge, double jump, hover, and pull enemies closer with a casting of Lash. If that weren’t enough, he has access to sigils, totems, magic rings, and bracers to enhance his abilities, in addition to a skill tree for all three colors of magic.

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