Shepherd’s Crossing, Success’ Answer To Harvest Moon, Gets Western Switch Release

Success Corporation, the developer most well-known for the Cotton series of cute ’em ups, is bringing its take on the farm sim to the west on Switch in June 2023. Shepherd’s Crossing originally launched on PS2 in 2008, before receiving a PSP port in 2010 (thanks, @gosokkyu!).

Known as Hakoniwa Bokujou Hitsuji Mura in Japan, the Switch version launched in Japan last November, but we’ll be getting it on Switch, PS4, and PC here in the west — the PC version is out on 28th April, even! A PS4 version will also be launching in Japan at the same time.

Often compared to the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons series, your character moves to a ranch and is left to build up their life, grow crops, and raising animals, all while getting to know the locals. And there’s no money in the game, either — all of the goods you accrue are gathered by bartering with the locals. A sequel, Shepherd’s Crossing 2, came out in North America on the DS in 2010.

This version of the game is an HD remaster of the PSP port, but with brand new features such as a zoom-out option and more item slots. The game will be digital-only in the west, however English support is being added to the Japanese version, where physical copies are available.

For even more info on the game, check out its Steam page. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a firm western release on Switch. Currently, it’s due to sprout this June.

Check out the gameplay trailer (from its Japanese release last year) up top, and let us know if you’ve played this on PS2 or PSP in the comments!

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