All Ravenswatch Characters Ranked

Passtech Games has been known to take its games and make them relativity difficult. Look at its previous release, Cursed of the Dead Gods, players were thrown into the fire with heightened difficulty. Fast-forward to 2023, Passtech Games is back with its newest addition to the roguelike category — Ravenswatch. Unlike playing as one character, things are a little different. You’ll be able to pick from 6 distinct heroes. Each character offers something different and could alter gameplay drastically. Before jumping into the game, read this list of all the Ravenswatch characters, ranked.

Ravenswatch: All characters ranked

All the heroes are good at something, some may be a support, while others are great at close combat. This list will rank worst to best, however, the worst heroes aren’t bad to use, they just have a steep learning curve.

A – ranked characters in Ravenwatch

The Snow Queen: She can be devastating with her chilled attacks, but the reason why she’s starting off the list is that she can do better with others. She’ll be attacking from a distance, so expect a lot of the fights to be ranged. If you need to escape quickly, evading can be done easily with her. Once you learn how Nyss works — she can be a threat.

Pied Piper: this character uses musical notes to attack his enemies. His musical attacks can stagger enemies easily, allowing for follow-up attacks. However, he’s a rather harder hero to use as most of his attacks require precision. The interesting part he can summon rats — hordes of rats. These rats can cause quite a bit of damage if you time them properly.

Screenshot via Passtech Games

S – ranked characters in Ravenwatch

Beowulf: He’s a middle ground and the balanced hero out of the 6. He has a companion that allows his attacks to fuse with fire attacks. So not only can your initial attack do damage, but it’ll damage over time. Beowulf’s massive axe has some range to it, so clearing out stages can be quicker with him.

Aladdin: This hero’s attacks revolve around close combat, but with his faithful Genie he can be an issue on the field. While his blades can tear away at enemies with speed, and efficiency, his Genie grants him three wishes. These wishes can include giving upgrades to Aladdin, healing him and the party, or increasing his attack to give him a devasting AoE attack.

Melusine: She can be important on the team, first, she can heal with her magical orb. You won’t need to look for healing fountains as much as you would in Cursed of the Dead Gods. Second, on top of her healing powers, she can deploy shields — she becomes unstoppable. For her attack powers, Melusine has a wisp that makes her immobile while the wisp is active — so be strategic when using it.

Scarlet: Based on Red Riding Hood, she has two forms human — and werewolf. Depending on the time of day, she can change her form and abilities. As a human, Scarlet’s quick attacks can be chained together causing stacked damage. At night, she becomes a werewolf, while slower — she’s dangerous with more an increase in damage. She can be interesting to play, her two forms offer something for any play style.

Ravenswatch Scarlet Turning Into A Werewolf

Screenshot via Passtech Games

Night and Day Cycle

While Scarlet has her appearance and moveset altered by the time of day, other heroes also face the same change as well. These changes are more subtle, certain heroes will have different abilities depending on the time of day. So it would be a good idea to experiment with these changes.

Ravenswatch is in Early Access right now via Steam.

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