Old School RuneScape’s new Prayer book hits Beta

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Old School RuneScape has a ton of content planned for 2023, including new quests, items, expansions to current skills, and even a whole new skill. Of course, many new quests introduce new items and mechanics, and the upcoming Desert Treasure II quest is no exception. The sequel to one of the game’s most iconic quests, Desert Treasure II’s multiple rewards recently hit the Beta worlds. These rewards include new best-in-slot rings, a new Magic armor set, new melee weapons, and a new Prayer book, the Ruinous Powers. Here’s our breakdown of Old School RuneScape‘s new Prayer book in the Beta worlds.

Of course, these new Prayers are still in beta and subject to change before they hit the live servers. Many players in the community agree the new prayers are game-changingly powerful. This power level polarized the community into a more significant debate about such power’s impact on the game. Just look at the subreddit; it’s full of this debate. As a result of this debate, the Ruinous Powers are unlikely to hit live servers in their current super-powerful state.

Old School Runescape New Prayer Beta Action

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Old School RuneScape‘s Ruinous Powers explained

The version of the Ruinous Powers on the beta servers includes several types of Prayers, requiring a higher Prayer level than many in the standard Prayer book:

  • Protection Prayers
  • Offensive Prayers
  • Overhead Offensive Prayers
  • Ancient Vows
  • Utility Prayers

Note the protection Prayers in Old School RuneScape’s new Prayer beta don’t offer the same protection as those found in the regular prayer book. They deflect damage from the attack style of the Prayer. The numerous offensive Prayers increase attack, strength, or both in a chosen attack style, and there’s one that boosts all three attack styles, though its buffs are less significant. The overhead offensive Prayers increase accuracy with all styles, reflect damage but increase damage taken, and sacrifice Prayer points for a cheat-death mechanic. Next, the ancient vows allow lifesteal, bonus magic damage, drain Defence from targets, and deal bonus poison damage. Finally, notable utility Prayers reduce the action delay after eating food and increase HP regeneration.

For more info on the Ruinous Powers and a full breakdown, check out the blog post. Old School RuneScape is free to play on most computers and mobile devices.

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