Stardew Valley to receive first new update in almost three years

Yesterday morning, developer Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe, revealed that the immensely popular farm sim Stardew Valley will receive a brand-new update at some point in the future. This update, called 1.6, comes long after the release of the 1.5 update back in October 2020. This makes 1.6 the first update that Stardew Valley will see in under three years.

ConcernedApe announced this upcoming update in a Twitter post that gave a brief overview of what players can expect. Primarily, the patch will cater to the modding scene, adding various changes and improvements that will make modding the game easier than ever.

Additionally, ConcernedApe teased the addition of more game content in patch 1.6, although he did not specify much about what it would entail. Aside from the addition of more dialogues, he only confirmed that 1.6 will not implement nearly as much content as 1.5 did. That patch added a whole new late-game area in the form of Ginger Island as well as a splitscreen co-op feature. The PC version of Stardew Valley permitted up to four players to experience splitscreen together, whereas the console versions restricted that number to just two.

What about Haunted Chocolatier?

ConcernedApe also stated that he has temporarily halted development of Haunted Chocolatier to work on the new update. For those who don’t know, ConcernedApe unveiled Haunted Chocolatier back in October 2021. It will task players with running a chocolate shop, and although it shares many similarities with Stardew Valley, it promises to go in a more experimental direction. In addition, Haunted Chocolatier will emphasize combat much more than Stardew Valley did.

ConcernedApe has not yet shared a release date for Stardew Valley’s upcoming update, so fans will have to wait for that as well as more concrete information on its major additions. After ConcernedApe puts out this update, he will go right back to developing Haunted Chocolatier.

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