How to get to Resting Grounds in Hollow Knight

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The Resting Grounds is an area that’s typically accessed a little later in Hollow Knight‘s main story mode. Apart from housing the Dream Nail, it hides a special NPC as well as one boss that drops Essence when defeated.

Like other areas in Hollow Knight, the Resting Grounds has several entrances. Players will need to get certain abilities, items, and upgrades in order to traverse those adjacent areas, just like in other Metroidvania games. Once all the required stuff is obtained, getting to this grave-filled cavern will become much easier.

How to reach the Resting Grounds in Hollow Knight

There are a number of ways to get to the Resting Grounds in Hollow Knight. All of them (except for one) require players to make significant progress in the game. Make sure to have the Mantis Claw, Mothwing Cloak, and Lumafly Lantern before attempting these.

Take a tram

Hollow Knight Tram Pass Location

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For the first method, players will need to get the Tram Pass in Deepnest’s Failed Tramway. To get there, you’ll need to go the long way around. From either of the Deepnest entrances, head down through the worm tunnels to reach a hot spring with a nearby bench. Then, go left and make your way up until you reach the tramway. The Tram Pass is at the leftmost side of the area, inside a wrecked tram car.

After obtaining the pass, go back to the Forsaken Crossroad and go to the tram station on the eastern end. Board the car and hit the button—it will stop right at the Resting Grounds.

Drop down from Crystal Peak

Hollow Knight Crystal Peak Shortcut To Resting Ground

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For the Crystal Peak method, players have to pay the Crystallized Mound a visit. It’s directly to the east of the Peak’s entrances. There’s a big chasm in the middle of this area that leads directly to the Resting Grounds.

Players need the Lumafly Lantern to get to the chasm since the cavern before it is pitch black. The lantern is also used to enter Crystal Peak’s lower entrance and completely bypass the need for Desolate Dive.

Go through the secret passage above Salubra’s hut

Hollow Knight Salubra Hut

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There’s a tiny corridor right above the bench and normally, it can only be reached if the Monarch’s Wings have already been acquired. However, players can perform a community-discovered shortcut that involves using the Knight’s Shade as a boosting platform.

Die to a nearby enemy to spawn the Shade. Then, lure it to the hut, jump above the Shade, then hit it with attacks from above to propel the Knight upwards. Pass through the corridor to reach Blue Lake. This method is very hard to pull off, so it might be better to consider the other entrances instead.

Use the elevator on the eastern side of the City of Tears

Hollow Knight City Of Tears Elevator

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The last path that leads to the Resting Grounds in Hollow Knight is in the City of Tears in the form of an elevator shaft that goes straight down. Ironically, players need to have already reached the Resting Grounds to unlock this two-way shortcut.

The top of the shaft can be accessed by breaking the coffin cover with Desolate Dive on the rightmost side of the Resting Grounds, just below the Seer’s abode. Upon reaching the underground tunnels, head left until you get to the elevator.

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