Dead Island 2: Full side mission list

When going through Dead Island 2’s campaign, you will inevitably come across the game’s many sidequests. In all, Dead Island 2 contains 33 side missions to tackle alongside the game’s 24 main story missions. Naturally, these side missions become available at certain points in the campaign, so you can always tackle one if you need a break from the story. However, you can’t complete every side mission before beating the story, as the game does include a few postgame sidequests to play through. Note that finishing the story allows you to free roam and fast travel across the map, so you may find it easier to do every sidequest right at the end. Whatever you decide to do, here is a complete list of every side mission you can find across each region in Dead Island 2.

Note that this list does not include the Lost and Found quests, an entirely different category of optional quests unlocked by beating both story and side missions. Whereas Dead Island 2 hides Lost and Found quests from the map, the game does not do this for side missions. Because of this, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding all of the side missions once they become available.

Every side mission in Dead Island 2

Beverly Hills Side Missions

  • It Came From Monarch Studios
  • The Ballad of Rikky Rex
  • Body Art: The Visionary
  • Body Art: Heft
  • Body Art: Moist
  • Body Art: Uproar
  • Body Art: Vigor
  • Body Art: Dread
  • Body Art: The Unveiling

Bel-Air Side Missions

  • #Clickbait
  • It’s Not Your Fault
  • The Death of the Party
  • Creature Comforts

The Pier Side Missions

  • Message in a Bottle
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Dez and the Mother of Satan
  • Red Tide
  • Like and Follow!
  • Boz Makes a Bang

Halperin Hotel Side Missions

  • The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X
  • Resurrect the Rex

Monarch Studios Side Missions

  • The Terror of Sound Stage 7

Venice Beach Side Missions

  • Cold Pork
  • Diaries of the Dead
  • Coast Guardian
  • Organ Donor
  • Cremains of the Day

Hollywood Boulevard Side Missions

  • Going Viral
  • Beacon of Hope

Ocean Avenue Side Missions

  • More Than the Badge
  • The Art of War
  • Scooped
  • Lending a Hand

The two regions in Dead Island 2 that do not feature a side mission are The Metro and Brentwood Sewer.

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