Wild Hearts’ latest free, post-launch content introduces new Serial Hunts and Deathhaze Gloombeak

Wild Hearts’ latest free, post-launch content update is now live.

“There’s been so much happening in the world of Wild Hearts recently,” the team explains. “We deployed a PC crash hotfix and a Claw Blade & Bow Rebalance patch last week. So much to share and we haven’t even gotten to what’s in today’s content update!”

The Wild Hearts video review shows off everything that’s great – and not so great – about the game and its various versions.

“Deathhaze Gloombeak soars into Akikure Canyon, along with a new title and a new talisman skill for those able to reach new heights as a hunter. Serial Hunts – a new kind of Special Quest – have also been added, and could very well be the most arduous challenge Azuma’s hunters have seen to date.”

Successfully defeat the Deathhaze Gloombeak, and hunters will secure the “glorious title” of Deathhaze Exorciser, as well as unlock a new Toxic Shock talisman skill that permits you to damage the health of poisoned Kemono.

The new content also introduces all-new Serial Hunts, which task you with hunting a series of Kemono in a set-time period without being able to heal at water wells. With every round you win, you’ll secure “rewards and unlock new chat stamps and emotes”.

“Each time you successfully take down a target, your reward increases. However, if you fail at any stage of the hunt, you’ll receive no reward at all,” the team teases. “Hunters may choose to end the hunt early to at least receive any promised rewards up to that point.”

Matt awarded Wild Hearts a Recommended badge, calling it “far more than just a Monster Hunter clone”, adding, “Wild Hearts exceeds expectations and then some, mixing streamlined action with inventive new toys”.

“There’s no disguising Wild Hearts’ inspiration here: you accept missions, track down colossal beasts roaming the land and you battle through day and night, alone or in online co-op, until your target is slain,” Thomas writes in Digital Foundry’s Wild Hearts Face Off feature.

“What sets this game apart is its target hardware: Wild Hearts targets current-gen consoles and PC only, whereas Monster Hunter is firmly addressing older gaming hardware. This gave me plenty of optimism going into reviewing the game – but it’s clear that despite some laudible ambition here, every version of the game has technical issues in some form that must be addressed.

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