Star Rail have Multiplayer PvP? Answered

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Honkai: Star Rail is set to release later today, and amongst all the excitement, you might be assembling a squad of players to explore the galaxy with. HoYoverse has released a multitude of gacha games, including Genshin Impact which features an extensive co-op and multiplayer feature. Honkai: Star Rail bears many similarities between it and Genshin Impact, so you might assume that Honkai: Star Rail has multiplayer as well.

Unfortunately, Honkai: Star Rail does not have a traditional multiplayer mode like you would find in Genshin Impact. This game, while bearing many similarities to its great gacha sister, does not have a mechanic where you can load into someone else’s world and play co-op with them. The game doesn’t have any PvP either, so you can’t match up against other players and fight them as well. Honkai: Star Rail is generally a strict single-player adventure.

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No Honkai: Star Rail multiplayer

Fortunately, there is still a level of interactivity between you and your friends. While you can’t play with your friends live, you can still add them as friends and use their units as a part of their team. You can borrow a friend’s support character and use them in Calyxes and Caverns of Corrosion. These characters will also be scaled down appropriately to your level, so you won’t be able to grab an overpowered character from your friends list and use it to steamroll content.

When you enter a Calyx or the Caverns of Corrosion, you can click on a green ‘Support’ icon on the right side of the screen, allowing you to select a Support character. You’ll receive some extra cash for bringing a support character, so there’s no reason not to. You can set your own support character by opening your Trailblazer Profile, clicking the Support Character tab, and choosing a character from the unit list as support.

This doesn’t mean that Honkai: Star Rail will never introduce co-op mode. The fundamentals for such a thing are there, seeing as Genshin Impact already has a functional co-op mode in place. However, no details of a multiplayer mode have been released yet. You can check out Honkai: Star Rail and its official release by visiting the official website and downloading the game today. Be sure to bring your friends along so you can use their support characters for assistance in future battles.

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