Dead by Daylight Mobile announces Nights of Terror tournament

NetEase and Behaviour Interactive are hosting Nights of Terror, the first ever dedicated online competition for their hit horror game, Dead by Daylight Mobile.

Dead by Daylight pits a team of four survivors against a lone killer, and has attracted attention for its fast-paced gameplay and combination of original content and established horror IPs. The new competition, exclusively for players of the mobile version, is accessible to players worldwide with no restrictions on space or time zones, and sees players compete for a share of the $29,700 prize pool, including a top prize of $4000.

The event kicked off on April 14, with the top 128 teams on May 19 continuing to the playoff stages, which will be broadcast worldwide until May 28.

See you in the fog

Dead by Daylight has become a multi-platform hit since its initial release in 2016, sparking collaborations with established horror franchises such as Stranger Things, Hellraiser, and Resident Evil. However, although the game has been the subject of numerous esports tournaments, this marks the first time that such a tournament has been hosted directly within the game.

Dead by Daylight Mobile was first released in 2020 and while the game lacks some of the console and PC version’s characters, it also includes numerous features which aren’t available on other platforms, including unique cosmetics, kill animations, and events.

Most recently, the Next Era of Horror update saw the mobile debut of Ringu villain Sadako, as well as seasonal leaderboards and a dedicated in-game chat client, neither of which are available outside of mobile, and a new relic system which shakes up the gameplay.

It’s possible that the developers are using the mobile version as a testing ground before implementing these features on other platforms. As such, while the mobile version is the first to integrate a tournament directly into the game client, it’s possible that this will be carried onto console and PC in the future.

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