Stardew Valley – Best Crops for Spring

Though Stardew Valley is a farming simulator, one of the biggest priorities in the game is money. Once you manage to make some money, you can buy a lot of crops, buildings, and animals. Which will make you even more gold in return.

The best way to make money in Stardew Valley, however, is by raising crops. They are the bread and butter of the game, as at heart, it still is a farming simulator. You might want to spend your time fishing and mining, but farming is the best relatively passive source of income in Pelican Town.

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The game will start in Spring, and most players that like to restart Stardew Valley a lot will spend most of their time in this season. This is why you will need to know which crops are the best in Spring.

The best crops for Spring in Stardew Valley are Strawberries and Coffee Beans. However, this is only true from the second year onward. In the first year, the best crops are Green Beans and Cauliflower. 

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Best Crops for Spring Year 1 in Stardew Valley

Though you will probably never think about this that often, the Spring in the first year in Stardew Valley will be very different from the rest. You won’t have many chances to get Strawberry seeds and Coffee Beans in the first season of the game.

This is why the best early game, year 1 Spring crops in Stardew Valley are Green Beans and Cauliflower. The seeds for these two vegetables can be purchased from Pierre’s Shop at any time during the Spring.

The only problem with them is that they won’t give you any profit for at least 10 days. The Cauliflower takes 12 days to grow, it can be sold for 175 g, and a seed costs 80 g at Pierre’s.

However, the Green Beans will grow in 10 days, can be sold for 40 g, will give you harvestable goods every 3 days until the end of Spring, and the Bean Starter needed to grow it costs 60 g.

By taking this into consideration, here are the exact minimum amounts of gold you can make from Cauliflower and Green Beans in the first Spring in Stardew Valley:

CropLast Day to Plant for Maximum ProfitTotal HarvestsMinimum ProfitsMinimum Expenses (Pierre’s)
CauliflowerDay 42300 g160 g
Green BeanDay 36240 g60 g

Best Crops for Spring Year 2+ in Stardew Valley

Once you reach year 2, things will be very different. The best crops for Spring in year 2 and every year after that in Stardew Valley are Strawberries and Coffee Beans.

Strawberries – The Classic Spring Crop Choice

Since Coffee Beans are relatively hard to get, most people rely on Strawberries to carry their farming economy for Spring. However, Strawberry Seeds can only be obtained in the Spring.

This should be your strategy for long term profits using Strawberries in Stardew Valley:

  1. Buy Strawberry Seeds at the Egg Festival on day 13 of Spring, year 1. They cost 100 g each.
  2. Don’t plant them. Keep them either plant them in the Greenhouse or use a Seed Maker to get more until the second Spring.
  3. Plant them once year 2 Spring starts. You have until day 4 to plant them for maximum profits.

If you planted them on the day of the Egg Festival, you would only get 2 harvests, missing out on a lot of gold. Since the Egg Festival is the only place where you can get Strawberry Seeds, this means that you will have to do this every year.

Strawberries are an amazing crop as they regrow every 4 days, so you only need to plant them once during the Spring. You can sell Strawberries for at least 120 g, which means you can make at least 600 g from one single Strawberry plant during the Spring.

Coffee Beans – The Crop That Keeps Growing In The Summer

Though Strawberries get you a big profit in the Spring compared to all the other crops, Coffee Beans also keep making you money during the Summer. This is why the Coffee Bean might actually be better than Strawberries if you consider that they are also a Summer crop.

The only problem with Coffee Beans is that there aren’t many ways to get them. You can either loot them from Dust Sprites, which spawn between floors 41 and 79 and have a 1% Coffee Bean drop rate, or hope that the Traveling Cart sells it.

The Coffee Beans often appear in the Traveling Cart’s special stock, but it will be priced at 2.5k g. That is an absurd amount, and you won’t make that much from the beans unless you plant them in the Greenhouse. The best price you can get them for is 100 g in the standard stock.

The thing that makes the Coffee Beans an incredible choice is that the crop is also the seed. This means that, even if you only get one Coffee Bean, you can get enough Coffee Beans to last you a few years in just a few harvests.

Another great thing about Coffee Beans is that you can turn them into Coffee to double their value. By placing 5 Coffee Beans inside a Keg, in 2 hours, you will get Coffee which is worth 150 g.

Since a Coffee Bean is worth 15 g, this means that you can easily double your profits on the same day you collect the harvest.

Coffee Beans are also a regrowable crop, which means you won’t have to plant any more during the Spring. They also spawn 4 beans every harvest. If the Coffee Bean wasn’t so hard to get, it might easily be considered the best crop in Stardew Valley.

Strawberries and Coffee Beans Stats

As we did with the best crops for Spring year 1, here are all the stats you need to know regarding the best Spring crops in Stardew Valley:

CropLast Day to Plant for Maximum ProfitTotal HarvestsMinimum ProfitsMinimum Expenses
Coffee BeanDay 29 (23 including Summer)540 g (1380 g including Summer)Nothing or 100 g
StrawberryDay 45600 g100 g

That’s everything you need to know about the best crops for Spring in Stardew Valley!

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