How to Get Fire Trailblazer

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Honkai Star Rail heavily emphasizes paths and elements. The two characteristics tie together. At the start of the game, the protagonist you select is a Trailblazer character who is locked into the Destruction path and reliant on Physical attacks. That condition can change if you want it to. Here is our guide on how to get the Fire Trailblzer in Honkai Star Rail.

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How to get the Fire Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail

To acquire the Fire Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail, you must see the Roads to the Past Have Long Been Closed sub-mission through to its conclusion. While doing so, you must also have the Trailblazer in your party. They need to be at level 30 or above, as well. Finally, it’s worth noting the mission will definitely go more smoothly if you have one of the best team comps available, and if your characters at level 38 or higher. If you have been focusing on your favorite few characters, it’s not super difficult to have everyone at level 40 and with decent gear.

Honkai Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Preservation Path

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When you tackle the mission, you’ll soon find it includes battles with a number of powerful adversaries. Not long into the attempt, your team of four characters faces off against the area boss. Once the battle progresses to a certain point, the battleground shifts. Now the Trailblazer faces off against the same boss alone. After a short altercation, an event occurs.

In this event sequence, you wander through space and view past memories featuring familiar individuals. At the end of that tour, you touch a flaming sword and return to battle now imbued with additional powers. Your friends join you again. Now, the lot of you must defeat the boss. Once you do so, your Trailblazer gains the ability to shift freely between paths. You will have to change the Light Cone you equip, depending on the path you follow. The most effective Relics also change. Your character level will remain the same, however.

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