Where to Find All Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with exciting quests that don’t outstay their welcome. Sadly, the Daedalian quests aren’t one of them—at least, that’s what I think. They’re one of the trickiest challenges to complete, taking you across the entire Hogwarts castle and into some “wow, I never thought of going there” places. The reward is at least worth it, though, as you’ll get a swanky new outfit and almost every major Floo Network in the school for your efforts. The sidequest involves collecting 16 flying keys that look like dragonflies, all of which can be found around the campus. Note that to access the last few keys, you’ll need to learn Alohomora.

Starting the Daedalian Keys Quest

The Daedalian Keys sidequest becomes available for your character after completing “Welcome to Hogsmeade,” where you return to your dormitory after its events. Once you’ve woken up, head down to the Transfiguration Courtyard, where you’ll meet Nellie Oggspire in the Astronomy Wing section. Upon arrival, you must speak with Nellie to trigger the quest; she’ll tell you that the Daedalian Keys have returned and encourage you to try and catch one.

How to Unlock the Cabinets Using Daedalian Keys

After talking with Nellie, you’ll be tasked with looking for your first Daedalian Key. Finding it will be easy as pie since the quest will mark the locations you’ll need to visit on your map. Plus, it’s where the sidequest will teach you the basics of hunting the keys down and opening cabinets. That said, the keys can be challenging to spot—save for a small, golden streak of light they leave when they’re on the move. With that in mind, I highly recommend you play Hogwarts Legacy with your audio on or wear earphones/headphones. The keys can make an audible rustling and fluttering jingle whenever you’re close to one, so having a bit of help in the hearing department can be helpful.

Once you’ve found a key and approached it, you’ll have to find the cabinet it flew off to, where it’ll be waiting for you. Since most cabinets are near where the keys are loitering, you only need to search within the vicinity of where you found the key. Interact with the cabinet to start a minigame and press the button prompted at the right moment when the key is crossing over the keyhole. Since the key moves in random directions, you’ll need to watch when it moves near the keyhole. You can open the cabinet if you press the button when the key is in the middle of the keyhole.

Upon opening the cabinet, you’ll receive a House Token and must return it to Nellie. She’ll then tell you that these tokens can be used to unlock the chest that’s within your house. When both of you are done talking, make sure to visit your house’s dormitory and use the token on your house chest. After taking the house key to your common room, the game will no longer track the other keys for you—you’ll be on your own.

Daedalian Key Locations

The First Key: Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom

Find the first key by heading downstairs from the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom (you can opt to warp here) and going to the main lobby area. When you’re there, check the Rhinoceros skeleton to find the key. When you’ve found it, walk up the stairs near the skeleton’s head, turn left, then another left. This will lead you to its designated House Cabinet.

The Second Key: Central Hall

You can find the second key within the Central Hall. You can fast travel to the Central Hall Floo Flame to get there faster. Once there, go down the stairs and turn right at the fountain, where you’ll find the key near the Greenhouse’s entrance. The House Cabinet, on the other hand, is pretty easy to get to. Simply follow the key as it leads you to the opposite stairs, near where the Transfiguration Courtyard’s door.

The Third Key: Library Annex

The key is in the Upper Central Hall, within the Library Annex. Fast travel to the Central Hall Floo Flame again, but instead of going down the stairs, it’s time to go up until you see the big doors to the viaduct. But before going, look at the right side of the room, just behind the staircase, to find the third key. Once you’re near the key, follow it until it leads you back down the stairs you came up and to a cabinet on its right side.

The Fourth Key: Also the Library Annex

Since you’re already in the Library Annex, you must as well find the third Daedalian Key. Fast travel to the Library Floo Flame on your map and go to the bookcases closest to you to find the key. The key will lead you to the cabinet on the opposite side of the library, tucked away in the back corner.

The Fifth Key: Bell Tower

Fast travel to the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame, then go left to the first flight of stairs. You’ll see a Daedalian Key flying up the stairs behind you from there. Follow the key by heading to the top of the stairs to find the House Cabinet past the large wooden crate.

The Sixth Key: Dungeon

To the dungeons! If you’re already near the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame, it’s time to head down to find the sixth key instead of going up. This route will take you to the Dungeons, where you’ll pass the House Cabinet. You’ll find the key near a large dragon statue (you can cast Revelio on it to reveal a Field Guide page).

The Seventh Key: Also the Dungeon

To find the seventh key, enter the Dungeon along the opposite hallway where you found the dragon statue. This is where you’ll run into a Daedalian Key; follow it down a passage to a room filled with barrels to find the designed cabinet for it.

The Eight Key: History of Magic Classroom

Since you can find the History of Magic classroom in the Astronomy Wing area, it’s time to fast travel to the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame. Turn around the Floo Flame and go left through the doors and into the North Hall. You should see the key just outside the classroom, where it’ll take you up a flight of stairs, revealing the cabinet on the top floor.

The Ninth Key: Grand Staircase

Go to the Grand Staircase Floo Flame and climb the stairs. Keep going until you find the key beneath the floor where the puzzle door (a door with symbols set into the outer wall of the staircase) is. The key will lead you down to the cabinet close to the same Floo Flame you’ve fast traveled to, near the other puzzle door.

The Tenth Key: Also the Grand Staircase

Fast travel to the Grand Staircase Floo Flame again and head to the Entrance Hall for the tenth key. To go to the Entrance Hall, get off at the Reception Hall and take a left. You’ll see a key flying around the top stair landing from there. Finding its designated cabinet is relatively easy; you’ll only need to follow the key down the stairs, near a locked door and a boar statue.

The Eleventh Key: Great Hall

Since you can find the eleventh key around the Great Hall area, you must fast travel to the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame. Go up the courtyard’s stairs and through the enormous doors. This will take you to the entrance hall, where you can spot a cabinet on your left and the key on the level above a Hogwarts symbol.

The Twelfth Key: Also the Great Hall

You can also find the twelfth key in the Great Hall. Fast travel to the Great Hall Floo Flame and look to your left to spot the Daedalian Key. Follow the key until it leads you down the opposite side of the entrance to where a puzzle door is.

The Thirteenth Key: Quad Courtyard

You’ll have to go to the Quad Courtyard for this one, but fast traveling to the Great Hall Floo Flame again is a better shortcut. Once there, go through the double doors and down the stairs. You’ll see the key waiting for you when you’re in the giant archway. To find the House Cabinet, follow the key down the stairs, where you’ll find it in the bottom corner of the Quad Courtyard.

The Fourteenth Key: Faculty Tower

You’ll have to finish “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” quest first to get to the next couple of keys, such as this one, to unlock the Faculty Tower. This is a requirement since you also need access to the Alohomora spell.

Go to the Faculty Tower Floo Flame and right into the tower itself. Go up the stairs to find the key on the next floor. Follow the key until it leads you back to the cabinet where you first entered.

The Fifteenth Key: Also the Faculty Tower

Go to the highest floor of the Faculty Tower in the South Wing area. You’ll find some portraits that link to the Clock Tower, which is where the final Daedalian Key is. Find the fifteenth key in this area and go down to the cabinet beside the Prefect Bathroom’s entrance with the statues.

The Sixteenth Key: Clock Tower

As I’ve said, you can find the last key in the Clock Tower; you’ll need the Alohomora spell to get this one. Fast travel to the Clock Tower Floo Flame and through the locked left door. Go up the stairs and find the key on the walkway’s leftmost section. Follow the key to another floor, leading you to its cabinet.

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