Stardew Valley – Where to Get Hardwood

Hardwood in Stardew Valley is the “evolved” version of normal Wood that you would use to build various items, buildings, and upgrades.

Some of the most important items in Stardew Valley can only be created with the help of Hardwood, which isn’t an easy resource to get in the early game.

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Luckily, there are also some trees that you will get on your farm that can give you Hardwood, even if you haven’t upgraded your axe yet.

The best source to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley is the large tree stumps that you can cut down using a Copper Axe or better.

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Where to Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

To get Hardwood in Stardew Valley, you will need to cut down some specific trees. The only trees that guarantee you will get Hardwood are the Mahogany Tree, the large tree stump, and the large log.

The only tree that you can cut from the start of the game is the Mahogany Tree. You don’t need a better axe, and you can find this tree on your farm, depending on what type of farm you chose.

The Forest Farm has quite a few Mahogany Trees. The way you can figure out which trees are Mahogany is to look at their leaves. If the general form of the top half of the tree looks like a rectangle, then that tree is Mahogany.

Mahogany Trees can be found on the Ginger Island farm in the top left corner. They will regrow in time, and you can collect Hardwood from them when they do.

However, the best way to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley is by cutting large tree stumps. Once you get the Copper Axe, you can start cutting down the large tree stumps on your farm and in the Secret Forest.

The large tree stumps in the Secret Forest respawn every day. There are 6 stumps in the forest, and they all give you 2 Hardwood. This means that once you can cut down the large log at the entrance to the Secret Forest (you’ll need a Steel Axe), you can get at least 12 Hardwood every day.

On the Forest Farm, you will also have another 8 respawnable tree stumps at the western edges of the map. This means that if you chose the Forest Farm, you can harvest 28 Hardwood every day.

What Can You Make and Do with Hardwood in Stardew Valley

The only things you can make with Hardwood in Stardew Valley are items and buildings. Most of the items are useful advanced versions of items that you could have made using wood.

Craftable Items

There are quite a few items that you can craft using Hardwood in Stardew Valley. The amount of Hardwood needed, how to unlock the recipes, and what the items do:

  • Carved Brazier – 10 Hardwood, 2k g at Carpenter, Lights up space
  • Cask – 1 Hardwood, Cellar Upgrade, Age products to increase their value
  • Cheese Press – 10 Hardwood, Farming Lvl. 6, Makes Cheese from Milk
  • Cork Bobber – 5 Hardwood, Fishing Lvl. 7, Increase Fishing green bar
  • Hardwood Fence – 1 Hardwood, Farming Lvl. 6, Best fence in the game
  • Heavy Tapper – 30 Hardwood, Mr. Qi, Works twice as fast as the normal Tapper
  • Hopper – 10 Hardwood, Mr. Qi, Tool to automate putting items into machines
  • Mini-Obelisk – 30 Hardwood, Wizard Special Order, Used to warp from one location to another
  • Oil Maker – 20 Hardwood, Farming Lvl. 8, Makes Oil
  • Ostrich Incubator – 50 Hardwood, Professor Snail, Hatches Ostrich eggs
  • Rain Totem – 1 Hardwood, Foraging Lvl. 9, Makes the next day a rainy one
  • Stump Brazier – 5 Hardwood, 800 g at Carpenter, Lights up space
  • Warp Totem: Beach – 1 Hardwood, Foraging Lvl. 6, Warps you to the Beach
  • Warp Totem: Desert – 2 Hardwood, Desert Trader, Warps you to the Desert
  • Warp Totem: Farm – 1 Hardwood, Foraging Lvl. 8, Warps you to the Farm
  • Warp Totem: Island – 5 Hardwood, Volcano Shop, Warps you to Ginger Island
  • Warp Totem: Mountains – 1 Hardwood, Foraging Lvl. 7, Warps you to the Mountains
  • Worm Bin – 25 Hardwood, Fishing Lvl. 8, Automatically creates bait


There are only two buildings that require Hardwood to build in Stardew Valley:

  • Farmhouse 2nd Upgrade – 150 Hardwood
  • Stable – 100 Hardwood

Upgrading the Farmhouse to level 2 will also add two new rooms to the house. One of them will be a children’s room, which will allow you to start having children.

The Stable will give you a horse that you can ride to move faster around the farm.

That’s everything you need to know about where to get Hardwood in Stardew Valley!

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