How to get Enigma Gyrum in Warframe

If you’re playing through the latest update to Warframe, you’re probably familiar with the various puzzles available. As you explore the Spiral, you will find many little things to do to earn yourself the resources needed for all the extras. Some of the puzzles are guitar hero-like challenges, and others are time-based target games such as the one for Enigma Gyrum. Once you know how to get Enigma Gyrum in Warframe, you will be one step closer to 100% completion.

How to get Enigma Gyrum in Warframe

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The first thing you need to do is complete the core storyline of the expansion. You won’t have access to the many little games that can be found on the Spiral before this. Once you can access the Spiral again, you can complete all the puzzles.

The best way to locate the pillars you need for the Enigma Gyrum puzzles in Warframe is by simply flying over the map. Challenges are highlighted in blue and can be seen from quite a distance. The ones you are looking for are pillars with a blue owl atop. By these, you will spot a series of drums.

Looking carefully at the pillar, you will notice glyphs running down it. Take some time to look around and note which symbols are on which drums. The pillar will indicate in which order you must shoot the drums. Once you have shot them all in the correct order, you will get Enigma Gyrum in Warframe.

What is Enigma Gyrum?

Enigma Gyrum is slightly different from the other resources in the Duviri expansion. Unlike resources such as Rune Marrow, it is not used as a crafting material. Enigma Gyrum is instead used as a currency to be traded with Acrithis. They can be found at the entrance to the Spiral in the Dormizone.

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