How to unlock the Shadetree Heights Safehouse

Shadetree Heights is a region in Redfall located in the southwest portion of the first map. This is a pretty big region and since it’s the area with the first proper main quest, it’s a good idea to get this Safehouse early. So, here’s where you can find and unlock the Shadetree Heights Safehouse in the newly released Redfall.

Redfall: How to get the Shadetree Heights Safehouse

The Shadetree Heights Safehouse is located next to a house on the southern edge of the dried-up lake. Check out its exact location on the map below.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Just like other Safehouses in Redfall, the Shadetree Heights location requires you to solve a short puzzle. Luckily there isn’t much to do here. The Safehouse door needs power, so we’re looking for a nearby generator to get everything up and running. It’s a lot closer than you probably think, though. Turn around and you should see a garage. Our generator is in here, but you’ll need either a Lockpick or a Rewire Kit to open the sealed doors. These can be found all over the place, so make sure you’re looting everything you see.

Redfall Shadetree Heights Garage

Screenshot by PC Invasion

From here all you need to do is turn the generator on. Be careful at this point since enemies will spawn in as soon as you open up the garage door. There should be around seven enemies to deal with, but as long as you use the garage for cover you’ll be fine. Just hit the generator switch when you’re ready and the Shadetree Heights Safehouse will be all yours. From then on this location will act as a fast travel point and checkpoint. The game will send you here whenever you die in this region. This is extremely important for players going through Redfall alone. If you don’t grab the Safehouses, you’ll just respawn at the Fire Station each time you die.

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